Bennie AKA Shabunbun

Back in the day.....
Back in the day…..

I remember this feeling of melancholy that came over me the day I found out that Bennie was leaving Kroger to pursue an education.  Although I was beaming with pride for him, my heart was heavy. I knew he was finally going into Aviation!  Something he loved and had wanted to do all along.  But walking into Kroger, there was an eerie feeling. One of sadness. A lot of “happiness” had left the building.  Actually, Bennie is back at Kroger now, and still pursuing his career.  So my happiness level has risen again.

I was working at Customer Care when Bennie came to work at 647. He was a courtesy clerk. And only fifteen years old. This guy was always willing to go above and beyond. He had energy to burn. And was a customer favorite from the get-go. Customers actually look for him and purposefully get in his line if he is working as a cashier.  He always has a witty remark. It is impossible to have a bad mood around Bennie!

I lifted this off his f/b page because it gives a glimpse of his personality:) LOVE IT!
I lifted this off his f/b page because it gives a glimpse of his personality:) LOVE IT!

Bennie is valuable to Kroger!  He can do anything!  Cashier, courtesy clerk, u-scan, hanging tags with Ms. Dolores, etc. He has probably worked in other departments not mentioned as well.

The term “Swag”  is Bennie’s trademark.  I’m not real clear,  on what it is exactly. But I know it is Awesome.  And according to Bennie, I have it Smile  I consider this a compliment in the highest order.

I have watched Bennie mature from a fifteen year old boy to a fine young man. His birthday is March 15th. He will be 20!  He is on a great path to success. I am so proud of this young man!  I am playfully dubbed his “White Kroger Mama”……. I do love my son!

Bennie is also a talented rapper…..he and his friend Calvin Teagle  (my other Kroger son ..even though he has left Kroger) have had some recording sessions. Maybe they will get offered a big contract. Can’t you see “White Kroger Mama” chillin’ at one of their concerts? I know they would send a limo for me Smile VIP

Happy Birthday, Bennie



It has happened again…..He quit……. Sadness…….Yes,An aura of sadness all over the store, ….especially U-scan. The robots are weeping!!!!! For Bennie IS happiness…… and he has left the building! 😦

I’m Posting this again on his birthday. March 15th! Today Bennie is 21! Happy Birthday My Kroger Son! ♥

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