“I cannot believe you still have one of those big ole things, OH MY!”

That Big ole Thing!
That Big ole Thing!
Rolling Dumpster Thunder Rolls
Rolling Dumpster Thunder Rolls

I am in the process of transferring my old VHS tapes to DVD and to my computer and YouTube channel.  Today was the day I went from my little Hi 8mm  tapes to the regular sized VHS tapes. I am not as technologically adept as needed to tackle these tasks. So I struggle to figure out settings and ways to hook the contraptions together. But all in all, I manage to produce the videos.  As I was trying to figure a way to get the VHS to DVD, I went into my attic to retrieve my old VHS recorder. When I was dusting it off I remembered a story that I knew I needed to  tell before it was forgotten. It is just too dang funny…..and a little sad in a way. To think that people are that silly.

It was in the early 90’s. My children were small. Our concerns for their safety around water had prompted us to get them swimming lessons.  I checked locally, but none available. So decided to try the Dive Center in Peachtree City. It was a little pricey, but we felt it would be money well spent. The kids enjoyed the lessons. I wanted to get the most from them, so I took my video camcorder. This used the big ole VHS VCR tapes. And was a rather large camcorder. It worked fine, so really, there was no reason to spend money on a new one.

One particular morning, I got up, got the kids ready for their swimming lesson, we went out to the car, it would not start.   Oh no!  Well, back then, if nothing else would crank, D’s 72 Ford Pick Up would always fire up. It wasn’t pretty, had no power steering, and was gargantuan.  A huge 4 wheel drive truck that sounded like thunder and looked like a rolling dumpster. Here we go to Peachtree City Dive Center, with D’s gargantuan truck, gargantuan camera, and my sweet babies.

Nice View, Ehhh
Nice View, Ehhh

We get there, I haul out the camcorder, (it might as well have Fox 5 News on the side, it’s that big). I begin to record my children who have begun their session.  Another parent comes over to me while I’m recording. I stop, as she wants to say something to me. She says, “I cannot believe you still have one of those big ole things! Oh my!”  My jaw might have dropped. I couldn’t believe someone would say that. How snobby! Where the heck was I? But I kept my cool. I just said. “Well, it still works.”  Then I turned and walked off.

But as we were leaving the parking lot in the Big Truck, I looked in the rear view, and there she was! Oh, what a sour look that woman had on her face! I could tell she was even less impressed with the truck. So, I revved that sucker up on purpose a few times. Smoked her just a little.  Oops.  She was probably saying. “I cannot believe she still has one of those big ole trucks. (cough, cough)” I didn’t feel bad about showing off that loud truck to that snob. I just hope I never come off as snobby as that woman. Really!

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