I should have SLAPPED her!

….but I remembered the serenity prayer.   “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”  Not sure if budding in would help or hurt…..and slapping the woman would probably just land me in jail. So I just sat there.

I was at my Dentist’s office, waiting in the waiting room. A woman who appeared around my age was there as well, with her teenage son. A handsome young fellow. Sitting quietly beside the woman…..I am assuming this was her son. If not, then I really should have slapped her!   When I sat down music was playing and this is the moment I first became annoyed with the woman. She was singing along with whatever song was playing! Yes singing, loudly, with the songs as if SHE sounded as good as the professional artists.  This began to grate on my nerves. But I maintained my “cool” and ignored her.  Then the young man began to whisper things to the woman. The woman was visibly annoyed with the young man. She told him loudly more than once, in a hateful tone, to “SHUT UP’”, then called him by his name. Which I became very familiar with before the entire incident was over!   I don’t know, I really could not hear a thing the young man was saying to his mom. He was talking very softly, and she was loud and boisterous. But unless he was calling her vile names to her face or blasphemies of God. I feel she should have handled herself a little better. With a little more grace. I’ll bet that fellow cannot wait to get to that college dorm and FINALLY GET AWAY from her!   I could tell he was probably college bound. She got up one time to chastise the receptionist because it was taking so long, and her son had a golf lesson to attend. So, I’m sure money is not an issue in that family. There’s a lack of parenting skills on her part.  However, the dad, might suffice as parent, considering the way the young man handled himself with his mother. He never lashed back at her….just took her in stride. Sad situation. Felt sorry for the guy. And I started out by saying I should have slapped her, but that was just a gut instinct. I never would do that. But boy, wouldn’t she be stunned!!


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