Sometimes, it’s for me

Sisters 2I come from a very talented family. My sisters AMAZE me. I often joke with friends that I am literally put to shame at a baby shower or bridal shower when it is time to open gifts. My gift is the usual…..a card and a gift card from a baby store or local department store. Then it’s time for them to open one of my sister’s gifts..lets say Brenda.….a beautiful diaper bag,  hand-made, of course, maybe a matching blanket. The list goes on and on. She is so talented. THEY ALL ARE!!!  My sister Margie is a very gifted artist!  At our sister’s birthday parties, I might give a pair of pajama’s , toiletries, what not, and there she is with one of her one of a kind art gifts!  She gave me a beautiful art piece for Christmas. I intend to redecorate my hall bathroom inspired by this gift!  It is beautiful!  And Brenda MADE my last Birthday gift!  It was awesome! Something she knew I would love and use.  It is a beach chair cover and you can roll it up into it’s carry bag.  My sister Doris made the cake for Erin and Adam’s wedding and it was not only Beautiful it was absolutely delicious! She has many other talents as well, too many to do my other sisters. So multi-talented! Doris sews, embroideries, and any of my sisters can do any kind of home restoration work as good as any man!  I could go on and on and list the things they have hand-made me, or done for me. There gifts and talents abound!  And if I am a good cook at all, I learned it all from them.  I however, did not inherit the talent gene Sad smile Although, they have taught me so much!  They have done so much for me over the years there is no way I can sum it all up in this blog post. I just know if I need something they are always there for me.  And do it with an open heart and a smile. I love each one of my sisters so much! Words can’t really express the appreciation I have for all they have ever done and continue to do for me.

One of my hobbies is technology …I’m trying to eventually transfer my old videos  to DVD and  computer. In the past I’ve done slide shows for different events.  I also have  this blog, Facebook, Twitter, my you tube channel. I have recently started Pinterest, as well.   When doing the videos and slide shows, at first I thought OH, this will be something everyone will love!  I thought I was doing it for others,  and I really would love  doing it for others, but I have since learned I am doing it for me, really. Yeah, I’m not being selfish, saying I’m doing it just for me. I want people to love it as much as I do. They just don’t. I had to laugh when a friend commented on a recent video I posted, then said she would finish watching it later, she did not get to finish it. It was a three-minute video, lol!  I understand that it is probably boring unless you or someone you know is in it.   Slide shows are very hard. You have to scan, crop, and edit pictures. Put them in order. Choose and edit music.  Not easy at all, Very time-consuming. And I really work hard in picking music that matches the person or event.  So It saddens me when someone critiques my slide shows…. I feel like if you want to do one go for it. But it is not like I do it for money, so either you like it and be nice or zip it. So, I don’t do those anymore . Unless it is just for my enjoyment.  I guess if someone else enjoys a video, slide show, or blog …..that is a bonus. My sweetie bought me a new laptop. Since I have ordered and returned one video editing program to Amazon. I have downloaded over a dozen free trials that I did not like. I finally found one I kinda like. But am holding out to see if there might be a better one out there. My son, Stephen tells me I need a Mac to really get serious about video editing. He might be right. But I’m so used to my PC. And I’m and old dog…..Everyone needs a good hobby. Smile

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