Would you rather eat a hair or a scrubby?

Biscuit with Scrubby
Biscuit with Scrubby D and I were dining at one of our favorite restaurants   (I don’t like to give a restaurant a bad rap over an incident that could have happened anywhere, so I’m not mentioning the name) and after I had finished my meal,  D asked if I was going to eat the rest of my biscuit. I said no and as I started to pass it to him I noticed a squiggly thing sticking out that looked like a hair or something. It was kinda thick, though. I told him he might want to ask for a fresh biscuit.  So when our server came over, I showed her the biscuit and said we would like a fresh one. She was apologetic and said she would show it to the manager. We told her that wasn’t  necessary, we weren’t upset. We had always had a good experience there, and this is a fluke. The manager had seated us….kind of a cocky guy.  He came over to our table with the piece of “whatever” that came out of the biscuit in his hand. He assured us that the item we found in our biscuit was not a hair.  He revealed the mystery squiggle a piece from a scrubby!  This supposedly was to to set us at ease I guess. LOL. We weren’t  upset anyway. But I thought it was funny that he thought we would somehow be so relieved that it was a scrubby not a hair. By the way,  I would say it is time to replace those scrubbies.  Ewwwwe.

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