The story of Kane, Pinky and Maddie

wittle kaney n pinkumskane's holeThis was added from 2009.

It is a story I wrote a while back, but wanted it in my BLOG.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 at 8:58pm ·

Check out pictures and captions.

This is Kane with baby Pinky, He showed up with Preggo Maddie. We kept him as well. He is now over 100 lbs.

This is Pinky, AKA The Pink Man. He is very masculine in spite of the name! He da man!

This is Maddie. She showed up on our porch looking like she had swallowed a basketball Dec. ’07. Georgia Heartland helped me place all her pups and helped me find her a home. We even kept a pup! We kept little Pinky. We nick named all the pups, and Pinky got his name because he was so white except for his paws and nose. They were rosy pink! These nick names were never meant to be permanent, but somehow, his stuck. When he was three weeks old I noticed a horrible growth in his groin/stomach area. I checked with the local humane society who was helping me with placing the pups. They recommended a vet. I got an estimate on what it would cost to do the surgery and was floored!  They wanted close to $500.00!  I took him to Manchester, Georgia to Dr. Hendricks. He gave me a much, much more reasonable estimate. And told me I’d have to wait until he was at least five weeks old before he could do it. Until the surgery, I would have to massage the area four times a day and push the mass back down into his stomach area. It was not supposed to hang out. So four times a day, I took little pinky and laid him on my lap and massaged him while he looked at me with his sweet little eyes. That did it….I told Dennis, I am not giving away this dog!  I just can’t!  We bonded!  To this day, Pinky loves me. follows me around….he is smart as can be. Love that mutt. He has a front paw that almost turns the other way. I was telling the vet I think he must be part basset hound, look at his paw!  The vet says, no, Betty, he’s deformed. Oh well, maybe he’s deformed, but he is very special to meSmile

Kane was picked out by Erin. He is really Erin’s dog. A very special big red lug of an animal. His main talent is hole digging. He really loves to dig!  He’s a very sweet dog, though. Wish I knew the story of how Maddie hooked up with him that day. But I’m glad they were buddies. Maddie is in a great home now. All her pups were placed. Story ended well!


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