Pinky’s Bad Day

This is an old post, but wanted to include in my blog.

Monday, March 15, 2010 at 10:34pm

This is from a Vet appointment May 2009….Pinky is almost due again for another check up!

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!

We had waited in the waiting room with a cute but obese beagle, a Jack Russell, a very sick boxer, a Boykin spaniel and a few others. Sitting in the waiting room we had all talked and introduced our pets. Pinky was the perfect little gentleman. He only barked once at someone who came in to get heartworm meds. Lexi was a sweetheart as usual.

When we finally got to go back we had to wait some more because the Doc was busy with the sick boxer. Brandy, the vet’s assistant came in and saw that Pinky was waiting on her side of the table. She said she would lift him upon the table for the exam. When she did he let out a horrendous yelp (and to my horror) pooped into the napkin she so conveniently had in her hand. I said. “Dang, Brandy, you scared the shit out of him!…..and how convenient to have a napkin!”. She said “What was that all about?” and all I could think of was he was tender where she tried to pick him up. And that was the area he had his hernia surgery. (During this commotion, I dropped Lexi’s leash and she escaped to the waiting room, Doc’s wife brought Lexi back) Pinky calmed down for a minute, but when Doc Hendricks came in and touched him he went berserk (more pooping involved)! (Oops I dropped Lexi’s leash again and she escaped again to the waiting room….. doc’s wife brought him back again) I was telling the doc we should have him muzzled because I was afraid he would bite out of fear. Doc told me he needed sedation as he should have that hernia area checked and he was not cooperating. So after the shot, Doc checked him, administered his parvo and rabies shots and he is fine. Everything else checked out Great. He was just a scared little guy and got spooked somehow. But it was so funny when I walked back through that waiting room of people we had bonded with earlier… carrying him in my arms as he had passed out with a muzzle on. Everybody said What Happened!!!! I just told them Pinky had a bad day….. Whew what a day, next time I’m taking Erin with me!

Pinky’s Bad Day Chapter 2

May 10, 2010

We took the Pink man back to the vet today….along with everyone else. We knew the guy had issues so we saved him for last. I figured I would go ahead and muzzle him and bring him in. As soon as he saw the door to the office his feet hit a skid. I had to carry him. Upon the table he went into some sort of gymnastic moves. I couldn’t hold him and he was yelping. I warned them to go ahead and sedate him, but no one could get him still enough to get a vein. Then came the poop. I was upset because he was upset. I called Dennis in to help. We tried every thing but he seemed possessed! Finally Brandy kicked us out. She just kicked me and Dennis out and they got it done somehow. It wasn’t pretty. He was so happy to get home! I wonder if they make xanax for dogs? I think I will ask and maybe give him that before I take him in next time.


UPDATE: January 2, 2012 Pinky had a 3 year Rabies shot on May 10, 2010, so thankfully he won’t have to go back until May 2013. But he does need his Parvo shot. I worried about having to take him in for this, so I mentioned to Brandy, (vet tech) today when we took Beau and Raygen, that I might need some valium for Pinky so I could bring him in for his Parvo. Brandy asked if I would be willing to give him this shot myself???? I wasn’t sure. But I figured me or Dennis one would have the nerve. So she sent the syringe and parvo vaccine home with me. Problem is, now I’m too chicken to do it, and Dennis says he won’t do it. I think Dennis will if he knows I really can’t. But that is where I stand at the moment. Poor Pinky:(

I finally got up the nerve….Not looking forward to taking him in this spring!

Sweet Pinky

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