Kane and the Bobcat

a beauty(this story is from 2010…but wanted to add it to my blog)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 at 11:42am ·

I was re-filling the water buckets in Pinky and Kane’s fenced yard and accidentally left the gate open. I took Kane and Pinky into the basement at that time. But later on when Dennis went down to let them out they bolted on out through the open gate. Pinky was easy to call back. He minds well. Kane is usually one to want to explore and has selective hearing.  But when Ole Kane rounded the house and spotted D’s new toy…..a BOBCAT!  He stopped, tucked his tail, howled out, and ran back to the fenced yard!  Dang, I wish D had captured this on video!  Now don’t judge Kaney!  He is about 98 pounds (weighs over 100 now) and he looks and sounds scary!  He is our sweetie.  He just needs some socialization skills. And we have to keep that Bobcat parked out of sight!

Scary Bobcat

Z Kaney

Sweet Kane


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