Zero Notoriety for Heinous Killers

Media should not speak their names, over and over. Perhaps referring to them as X, would suffice. After all, this is what these killers wanted. They cowardly kill, then turn the gun on themselves. Knowing they on the news for days or weeks as the headline. They will be famous! Receiving notoriety posthumously. If the media would stop, this might deter the next would be “killer”.  If there is no notoriety, why do it?

Our Generation:

I’m a Baby Boomer. It seems like a whole different world in which I grew up. One example that may seem minor, but it sticks out in my mind because I work in retail. When I was small, personal responsibility was a huge thing. You knew, if you mess it up, you clean it. If you break it you pay for it….and so on. You were held accountable for your actions, this is what your parent’s inculcated in you from birth. I work at Kroger. Parents allow their children to bite candy, put it back on the shelf….Hold and drool on stuffed animals in carts throughout the store, then put them back on shelf….break items…Oh, Kroger writes it off, No responsibility. We have had grown customers demand gifts because they felt inconvenienced at checkout because the card reader was not working and they had to go to another register to slide card.  In my day, well we weren’t  that “high tech”, but you just gave somebody a break. You didn’t  demand a gift! As a child I was not perfect, I got my share of corrective punishment. But I believe to this day it helped me with realizing personal responsibility.  I am not suggesting any of these people mentioned could be a heinous killer. But I do recognize the difference in the principles of our generation.  Somehow right and wrong has become a grey area. And for me, that is a big issue.

I am hoping the politics of this does not affect our second amendment rights.  I was listening to Mike Huckabee. He was talking about having a gun on his gun rack in his truck and driving that truck to his high school. No one said anything back then and none of the boys who did that thought of using those guns to kill any of the students or teachers. The killings resulted from a sick, deranged, very evil person. Guns are not the problem. It’s sick, evil people.

Another interesting thing I got from all of this was even though prayer isn’t allowed in school, there was nothing to stop it when this mad man came on the scene. Teachers huddled kids and prayed openly.  Even Obama was quoting scripture in his address to the nation.

I’m a huge fan of technology. I love gadgets and games. But parents should limit access and spend time with kids.  Go all old school on them. Setting an example for kids is also very important. Kids need to get back to the black and white of right and wrong.

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