Family and Friends make Milestone Amazing Reality

IMG_0229Where would we be without family and friends???   When faced with planning Erin and Adam’s wedding, I was lost…..didn’t know where to start!   No worries, my super daughter in law, Katie,  stepped up and took charge!   She amazed everyone at what she was able to do in such a short amount of time!  With the help of my sisters, Doris, Margie, Brenda and niece,  Sela….the food and cake were all taken care of!  They also helped in so many other ways, including organizing a shower for Erin…with big help from niece, Brooke. AND…As if they had not already done enough, they stayed and helped clean after the reception! Thanks to brother in Law Cliff, hauling tables/chairs. Thanks to Larry and Beth for bringing supplies to reception and working til after midnight to clean and take down decor!   My sister of the heart, Jan…. taking phone call after phone call…and text from me on wedding day,  and bringing the items I left off my list.  Helping with food delivery…..then also staying till after midnight to clean. Erin’s friend, (and i feel she is now my friend:) Christina stayed to vacuüm and helped carry Erin and Adam’s gifts out to the car.  It was so wonderful having Evan as ring Bearer. Such a delight! Thanks to niece, Angel, for supporting Erin… not only through the wedding, but throughout her life. I enjoyed sharing the honor attendant role with her. I feel as if I raised her as well sometimes. I’m sure Brenda feels the same about Erin:) The bridesmaids, Angel, Mandi, Laura, Christina, Amanda, and Katie were so supportive and helpful!  Erin is rich in friendships!

Without Katie, there would be no event…..I admire the way she worked tirelessly to pull this off! Working to the wee hours of the morning to set up, delegating chores to my son, Stephen, who also worked very hard to make this happen. Then when over, working til wee hours of the morning to take everything down! So organized!  Getting everything back to where it belongs….. truly amazing! She is a gifted wedding planner!

Katie’s Mom, Julia did so much for us! I am so grateful for all of her hard work. Much appreciation for the borrowed items, as well. And Katie’s dad Mike was a huge help. Many thanks to him!  Many thanks go out to Shelly  and husband Gary for all their hard work and generosity.  Thanks to Liz and Wes for letting Catherine, (flower girl) be a part of this wedding. She was a beautiful little princess! We also appreciate Liz printing directions to the reception.  Danielle,  took amazing pics, which is great, because professional pics not out for a while. She also stayed for a while to help clean!  Thanks to Katie’s sister, Ellen for the Beautiful programs! So sweet of her to do that for Erin and Adam! Thanks to Mike Hutson for “connections” to get a sweet deal for their honeymoon!   I appreciate all of those who came to the wedding and reception. This meant a lot! My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for all my friends and family.  It is ready to BURST!  There were so many people chipping in and helping….If you helped and are not listed here, please know I love and appreciate you so much!  Dennis and I appreciate everyone who  helped with this wonderful event. It was an amazing milestone in our daughter’s life. One we have dreamed  of.
Without the help of friends and family, this event would not have been so Absolutely AMAZING!

3 thoughts on “Family and Friends make Milestone Amazing Reality

  1. i’m glad her day was beautiful and filled with family and friends. i just wish we could have been there to see her take this big step in her life.


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