Twitter @BHPlayon

I did not understand twitter at all at first. So confusing! But after I played around on the site for a while, I began to really enjoy it. If you follow the right sources/people you can get information in real time. If you need to find out what is going on in the world…that is THE place to go!  I have not acquired many followers. I can say the ones I have are for the most part people I know, a few strangers, and two Celebrities!!!

I follow a lot of people, news agencies, teams, bands, etc.  I find it so fascinating that you can communicate to anyone on twitter (who also has a twitter), provided they don’t block you, with 140 characters and a click of the mouse! There’s no guarantee that the “star” you tweet actually sees what you’ve sent. They probably get so many tweets in their news feed daily. I doubt they scroll through all of them. You never know what kind of results a tweet might produce.  I LOVE the band O.A.R. and have had direct contact via tweeting with several of their band members.  In Atlanta, on Fox 5, my Favorite morning personality was Mark Hayes. He recently moved to Dallas. I kept in touch via Twitter. I would tweet from time to time. Recently I was checking my @connect and noticed MARK WAS FOLLOWING ME! Wow! I have a celebrity follower!

I have a ball following Darius Rucker! I’ve been a fan since the Hootie and the Blowfish days! Loved him then, (Still rock out to all those songs) and I love him now! I have his country music on i-tunes and on my phone! I have washed so many of my cars to “Cracked Rear View” !   It was always the CD of choice….just made me feel good! Well, on twitter you learn things about people. I know Darius is a football fan.  I kinda knew the Dolphins made him cry….but he REALLY LOVES FOOTBALL! And I do, too. So, I’ve tweeted a thing or two. Plus,  he recently got inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, and my oh my! I was so proud of him! I had to tweet! And Sunday I sent a tweet that caught his eye.  HE RETWEETED! AND ……….drum roll………..HE IS FOLLOWING ME!  My most famous follower!

Just need to say I treasure my friends who follow me, the ones I see and communicate with in person. Y’all know who you are. I want you to know you are very special Followers. If not for you, I would not have a twitter.

Follow me on twitter:  @BHPlayon

Post note: Got another “celebrity” follower! Yay! Andy Dean, host of America Now, on Radio. He is an interesting dude. You have to listen to him a few times to get a grip on his personality. But once you “get” him. You either like him or don’t. I like him:)

8/1 Got yet another celeb, Judge Alex Ferrer He hosts the tv show Judge Alex. I don’t know how he ended up following me, but I was all #teamfollowback on him!

August 29….MY BIRTHDAY…..this is HUGE!!!!!! A new follower and it is P Nut of my Fav band 311 OH MY Goodness! I am just speechless! This guy is the BEST BASS GUITAR MAN on the PLANET! Love him!!!!!!

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