Talk about having to grit your teeth!

Wednesday is usually a busy day at Kroger. It is Senior Rewards day, so we are pretty busy especially in the afternoon. Last Wednesday, I was working my usual shift as robot monitor at U-scan. There was a man who brought a basket full of groceries and set them down at Robot 84, but didn’t begin scanning. He stood there and was doing something on his phone. At this time there was no line and only one other person at another robot. He stood there and did whatever he was doing on his phone for another five minutes or so, and the robots began to fill up with customers and a line began to form. The customers in line were holding baskets, and looking at me, then at the man who was not using the robot…….. he was just standing there blocking. Soooooo, I felt obligated to walk over there and politely say something to him. Think I said something like, “Sir, are you ready to scan your groceries now, or will it be a few minutes?”   Then he interrupted me and began to yell at me……I can’t remember the exact words but he was mean,  “CAN”T YOU TELL I’M TRYING TO SEE IF I HAVE THE MONEY IN THE BANK TO PAY FOR THESE THINGS, YOU GO OVER THERE, LEAVE ME ALONE!”   So, (gritting my teeth to keep from slapping the fool out of this idiot) I said, “Sir, there is a line, I’m just doing my job.”  In about five minutes, he begins to scan, he turns to me and says, “I NEED SOME CIGARETTES!”  He told me the brand, I took them to him, He SNATCHED them out of my hand! I’m telling you what!  Kroger doesn’t pay me enough to take this crap, really!

I told management about this, for when this wacko calls the 800 number on me.  What is wrong with people? What makes people think they can talk to ANYONE like that?  Things could change, next time…I might not be in such a good mood:/

Crazy dude Part 2:

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had any dealings with this crazy dude.  I’ve seen him in the store, but managed to avoid him. But Thursday, he came through U-Scan with two boys and a cart of groceries.  We were busy at the time, there were people at all robots.  He began to scan. He first scanned a tube of ground beef doubled it in two bags and told me he was putting it in his cart. He set it in the top basket with no other groceries, so I cleared it and he began to scan again. He was scanning the items and instead of placing them in the bagging area, he was placing the non-bagged items back into the cart with the unscanned groceries. The problem with this is with three other robots to monitor, I cannot keep up with which items he has scanned and which he hasn’t. That is why u-scan has its system, to keep the customer honest and help the attendant keep track. So, I politely walked over and asked him if he would place the scanned items in the bottom of the cart, and not with the other unscanned groceries.  He turned to me and began screaming at me. At least I felt like he was screaming. It was embarrassing. Told me to “YOU GO ON OVER THERE, LEAVE ME ALONE”.  He’s pointing at me and then rambled on about having been a customer a while and knew what he was doing. Well, obviously not!  I tried to calm him. This man is just so angry!  Since I’m still standing there in shock, he says, “Get a manager.”   I just went away. I didn’t get a manager.  I watched to make sure he scanned properly, but he was out of control!  I’ve never wanted to physically punch someone in the face more than I wanted to punch that guy!  The woman at the robot next to him stayed after he left and told me not to worry about him, apparently she had overheard.  She said it was not in my job description to take abuse like that from a customer. Very nice woman:)

Later, I went to my manager to report an abusive customer.  Only to find the customer had already reported me!  I told my manager my side of the story. I would hope that my job would not need me to put up with abuse from customers. We should have a mutual respect policy. This guy was Loony Tunes!  Honestly, I was a little afraid to walk to my car!

2 thoughts on “Talk about having to grit your teeth!

  1. i once had a lady scream (literally scream) at me to mind my own business because she could take care of her granddaughter just fine; all because i asked the little girl not to climb on a precariously set up display (that was clearly marked “do not climb/touch display”). the worst part is all of this was in front of her daughter and my manager, neither of which stepped in to help. i don’t think i’ve ever bitten my tongue, clinched my fists so hard in my life.


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