Karma, that cannot be you, what the ???

A couple of weeks ago while at my job tending the robots, I noticed our handheld Fujitsu ipad was not responding. I was going to try to reboot it, but it appeared to begin working, so I took the little stylus and began to poke (normally) to see if I could get a response. As I did this in the upper right corner the stylus went right through the screen. OMG I had broken the Ipad!  But how could this be?  I wasn’t angry. I did not poke it hard. It seemed soft!  The stylus just gave in as if it had a hairline defect. What to do? What to do?  There was nothing I could do, but to OWN it!  I had to confess. That I did. First, I told Linda, who was working at customer care that evening, then I told Mr. Sheehan.  Oh, and before the Fujitsu people came to replace it, somehow it ended up shattered totally!  I cannot claim that, but I overheard my boss say that the person who breaks the next one is out of here!

People probably think I was hitting it too hard , but I was not.  I have worked at Kroger for four and a half years. Four of them at U-scan.  I’ve never damaged an Ipad up until that day. I even am very careful to always use the holster so as not to drop it, or lose it.  So when the new, refurbished one came, I didn’t want to use the stylus!  I would only use my fingers and gently at that!

So Friday, I was working and normally doing my uscan duties. I saw Robot 81 flashing and went to press that with my finger and it was soft…..my finger went through the screen! OMG again! My heart sank!  How could that happen again! During normal functioning. I honestly would be angry at myself if I had been in a temper tantrum!  But I wasn’t.

I told Sydney. She was at a loss for words. She told me Donald would be in soon. I was about to cry. I asked Kyle if I could go speak to Mr. Stewart. I did. I cried. Dang it! I hate when that happens! I just feel like I really try at work…… I may fall short. But in my heart I know I didn’t break them on purpose. If there was a defect, will it ever be proven?   I even tried to Google it when I got home to see if there was a big issue. If maybe there was a problem with those screens cracking???  My honesty and integrity mean a lot to me……I hope this ends well.


Postnote:  I did find out I’m not the only employee to have broken an Ipad. Probably the only one who has broken two:/

Postnote II:  Apparently I am not in the Kroger doghouse……Sunday was the first shift since the second Ipad incident. I had a meeting that am, then cashier/u-scan. My relief didn’t show at 2:00, so I volunteered to stay. Then at 3:05, no one was there to relieve me. I guess they would be late. I volunteered to stay until they arrived. I ended up with a shining star. What a difference a day makes. I tried to give it back. Considering what had happened, I didn’t feel like being rewarded.

I met a new employee at our meeting that morning….a transfer from another store. She said one of their employees had broken their ipad. Hmmmm. More common that you would think.


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