Remembering My Cousin, Danny…a Memorial

Danny Jerome Corrao – August 31, 1970 – August 03, 2012


When Danny was a baby I remember him as quite possibly the cutest little boy I’d ever seen. He smiled constantly and had a head full of red curls.  Actually, from babyhood until his death, his disposition was pleasant any time I was around him. He was an optimist. Even in his last months, when informed he would be placed under hospice care, he maintained an optimistic attitude.  He would say it’s just better this way financially,  I’m not going anywhere yet. I loved his spirit!  His mother, my Aunt Nan,  later told me of all the pain and issues he had to endure.  According to her….. he never complained.

Danny had such a quick wit and was always cracking jokes. He was smiling and laughing even when you knew he probably didn’t feel well at all.   Last spring, when my sisters and I were on a visit, he told us of his bucket list. One thing on this list was sky diving. Sadly,  he never had that opportunity. But another was attending a country and western concert. This he did!  His brother, Larry was able to get tickets and took him to the Georgia Dome to see Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw in June this year!  He was so excited about this concert! He told me later he had a wonderful time!  He was even upbeat and joking when telling me about falling to the curb off his walker after the concert!  (they had to park about a mile away and Larry was pushing him on the walker w/wheels)  He said(via f/b), “I did have a good time, even though I was thrown off my walker to the curb and broke two ribs with Larry landing on top of me. But in all, it was a good night. LOL. The things we must endure for luxuries of socializations that the spirit covets. Any way thanks it was fun and at least one thing on my bucket list, I was able to accomplish!”   That was Danny, talking about falling down, breaking ribs, but laughing it off. I have to admit, I was a little rattled upon hearing this story.  But I know this was an AMAZING night for him. I’m so glad he was able to check this off that list.

If you spent any time talking with Danny,  you would hear him tell about his family. He loved to talk about his loved ones….in a good way.  His  daughter, brothers, sister and nephews and nieces….and of course his mother who cared for him until the end, he loved them all dearly.

Our last conversation was via phone a couple of weeks before his death. The phone rang several times and activated the voice mail. I decided to just try later instead of leaving a message. But a few minutes later Danny called me back having seen my number on his missed calls log. He seemed excited to tell me he had felt like going to Walmart that day. He told me he just had to get out of the house. He said he needed a change of scenery.  I could kick myself for not remembering the specifics, but I remember laughing a lot as he was always joking around. We talked a while, then I could tell he was getting out of breath….I told him I would check on him later. He ended the conversation as he always did. “I love you, Betty Ann”

“I Love you, too, Danny”………..I truly believe Danny is in a better place……feeling no more pain. When someone we care about dies,  we realize our earthly relationship with that person is over. You then realize what is gone,  and appreciate all the goodness of that person. The tics or annoyances or even their “sins” seem so petty.  Wishing you had more time with that person to convey your feelings is all you think about.  It is a good lesson for us to improve our existing relationships.  But if you truly love a person,  and do so until death.  Well, even death doesn’t stop our love.  There is no reason to regret. Rest in Peace, Cousin.


Danny 2danny

( Borrowed pics from Aunt Nan Boyd)

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