What is Freedom anyway?

The news is blowing up over the Chic Fil a controversy. I don’t like to get political on Facebook. It is my fun place to share greetings and pics with friends.  But I am really saddened that so many of my friends are taking a stand against Chic Fil a. Dan Cathy had never tried to hide the fact that his company is  Christian based. They close on Sunday for goodness sakes!  It impresses me that anyone who believes in something so passionately, would follow it as does Mr. Cathy. Think of all the money they could make on Sunday, but they put their beliefs first. I’m sure he is following his conscience again in making his latest statements. Why can’t people understand Dan Cathy has the right to believe the way he believes. He does not have the right to discriminate against anyone, but Chick fil a is a private business and his personal beliefs are his right.  Well, Do gays want everyone to agree with them?   People are going to have their own opinions.   Now, if someone does not like the way he believes, then they are free to take their business elsewhere. For people like Roseanne Barr to wish cancer on everyone who eats at Chic fil a is just mean. It is America. Everyone has the right to believe the way they want. I think Christianity is under fire more than ever.

That said, I have friends who are gay. I wish them a life of happiness, whether married or not. Two consenting adults are free to make their own choices. I am not putting myself in the corner with the holier than thou, Christians who condemn gays. Because I don’t think it is my business to judge anyone and I don’t want in that category. But I wanted to stick up for an American business producing some pretty good chicken sandwiches. They will treat you well, no matter  WHO you are at Chick fil a.

Postnote:  A comment on a Chic fil a site summed up my feelings better than I have stated… I quote Marla Everit Rushing

“It is their beliefs, not everybody has to support gay marriage, it is their right….. A lot of people don’t. They have a right to believe anyway they want just like you do. GET OVER IT! I have gay friends and some gay relatives, I don’t have a problem with gay marriage but some people I know do, that doesn’t mean I would quit being friends with them. People seriously need to quit being cry babies! This Christian man is standing by his beliefs and for that I applaud him…the poor man was asked a question..he answered it honestly and now he is being condemned for being honest. And those protesting and saying they aren’t going to eat there anymore is ridiculous, you want to have the right to express your opinions and beliefs but nobody else can? Talk about a double standard!
I really feel sorry for the owner of Chick Fil A!”
Now this guy REALLY says it like I meant to say it:

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