One DEAD fish! Come on!

Hawks nest
Untangled? Maybe!
Dennis dealing with my tangles

Our first tournament! Lake Eufala in Eufala, Alabama! Wow!  Oh how we have admired that lake as we’ve driven over that bridge on our frequent visits to Panama City Beach!
This tournament had me excited,  but unsure what to expect.   I knew I would have to get to bed early on Saturday as I would be getting up very, very early Sunday morning. The alarm went off at 2:30 a.m. as we were to meet our fishing buddies at the Hogansville exit at 3:15 a.m..  It was about 3:00a.m., and I had fed the dogs and was about ready to walk out the door. Dennis asks me if I have my fishing license.  How clueless can a person be?  I had not even thought about that! I had gotten an e-mail a month ago or so that they were about to expire. YIKES! I looked through my purse. No license. Dennis is getting, I’ll just say restless. I grab the computer and jump online to Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources and get that license in warp speed. Print it and we’re out the door.

We met our buddies at a truck stop in Hogansville…grabbed breakfast at an Arby’s. I only include this because I didn’t realize Arby’s served breakfast. And after eating there…..they probably shouldn’t.

After arriving in Eufala, and signing in, D found some coveralls for me in his truck. It is ice-cold in the a.m. before the sun comes up. And on a boat going fast……very cold!  I’m telling you what!  Those people are serious about fishing! Probably around eighty or ninety boats.  Once they gave them the red light to go they really WENT! They are very competitive to get to their favorite spots. D was having to cross many wakes. It was scary for me, but he is a very good driver. A rough ride out to where we started fishing, but going back….not so rough.

Ok, I really thought I would do a better job, but D spent a heck of a lot of time the first hour or so untangling my line. As the day progressed, and the tangles were happening more often, I learned how to untangle the line myself, which saved him time and frustration. Then by the end of the day I was casting with fewer tangles.  The fish were not biting, though. D got a few nibbles and finally caught a pretty bass. It was well past the 14” limit. He reeled the fish into the boat and tried to get the hook out, but the fish had swallowed it. OH NO!  I wasn’t prepared to have to deal with this emotion. Suddenly, I’m sad. I don’t want anything bad to happen to the fish!  The fish had swallowed the hook and was bleeding profusely. D had to cut the line and leave the hook in.  He put the fish in the live well. D told me the fish would probably dieSad smile  He said by the rules,  they penalize for dead fish. I read on the website they dock you one pound per dead fish.  But,  I really didn’t want any casualties!!!  However, our fish did not make it.   It was then, I  began to question whether I was up to this task???  I am pretty tender-hearted.

It was an absolutely beautiful day. We saw a lot of alligators on the lake. I was within about fifteen feet of a large one at one point. I got my phone from the glove box to take a picture, when I turned back around he was gone!  I took a picture of another one, but it was from a distance. Later this afternoon,  we were fishing peacefully when suddenly heard the sound of an angry bird. Looked up and a hawk was flying away from a post. On the post was a nest of babies! Out in the water, on a post, a hawk chose to build a nest! She was very angry at us for getting too close. I became frightened at the way she was swooping around us. I told D to Pah LEEZE get us away from her nest! Exciting day!

3 thoughts on “One DEAD fish! Come on!

  1. I hope so:) Also, If anyone wonders…..I did get a Georgia license. We did fish in Alabama….But Lake Eufala accepts Georgia fishing licenses since it is a lake so close to the Georgia line.


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