Free weekends… LAST!

I recently changed my availability at Kroger. I will no longer work the late night Friday and Saturday, 6pm to 2am shift! YAY!  I am available Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday  now. But will work normal hours.  For over a year now, I have worked this late night shift. It is a shift that requires a lot of patience and experience in dealing with difficult customers.  After 11:00pm, the regular lanes close down and only u-scan is open until 1:00am. It is then I would usually get a rush of customers. 

Last night I worked until 10:00pm, then I had to leave the store for an errand, then come back to do some shopping The regular lanes had closed when I got ready to check out, so I went to U-scan. Began to check out. There was a line beginning to form. A couple of customers were at the customer service counter, but the customer service counter closed at 10:00. They saw me checking out, and came over to me. They wondered why I wasn’t working and told me they had waited at cs forever with no help. I told them I had worked earlier and got off at 10:00, apologized, asked them how I could help them. They had a couple of containers of lettuce they bought that morning that was bad. They just wanted to exchange for the same product. I told them to go ahead and do so. These were regular customers that come in almost every day. After that there were a few other customers that asked me things as I checked out. (maybe I should have changed clothes, lol) Then the kicker…..I had a big bag of dog food, and a cardboard case of canned beans in my cart. (SaleSmile) I asked the Attendant if he would scan those items for me so I would not have to take them out of the cart. He walked over to do so. Started to do it for me…..then says “I have a line, I can’t do this now.” Then he walks off!  WTH He can’t do this now! That is part of it! I know his job. I did his job. What he was saying was. You are an employee. I need to pay attention to these other people. Am I paying with monopoly money or something? UGH! My total was $135.00 after coupons (that is not much less than I made the last week with my drop in hours!!!)  I just have to feel bad for the guy. I know he must have felt overwhelmed. (after I lifted the Dog food and scanned it…things calmed down a bit….he came over and scanned the beans…yay) 

I’m glad I am not doing the late night anymore…..I took it too seriously apparently. Didn’t matter. So silly.


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