West Georgia Bass Fishing Club

It’s a membership fishing club my husband signed us up for as a couples team. WOOT WOOT! I know very little about fishing. The lures look like they would make very nice earrings. That might be a sideline for me. And some of the lures are yummy….they look like gummy worms.  I’ve been out on the boat at west point with D before. I’ve cast the reel a few times. I am not that adept.  But I figured after twenty years or so of playing soccer on Sunday afternoons, I owed this to my husband. It is something he wants to do, and I think I will enjoy it as well. Even if I have to download a few books on my phone to pass some of the time. These tournaments sometimes last up to eight hours!  Yikes! I could get carpal tunnel syndrome from casting that long!  But I will not complain!  In fact, I want to compete!  I want to win!

2 thoughts on “West Georgia Bass Fishing Club

  1. Ha , that is very funny Betty, the way you tell the story, not the story. I think that is great . You and Dennis can spend time together and I would love the sun and the boat ride if nothing else. Have a ball !


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