Karma….I Believe….

I Believe……Even if on a small-scale. It has kicked my butt.  
One night at Kroger, while monitoring the robots, I was getting frustrated with some customers. One robot was not dispensing money and would prompt them to pick up their change from the attendant (ME). Yet they would stand there and stare at the robot. Soooo, I would take the change to them. ( it happened to multiple customers)  They would say the same thing “the machine usually spits out the change!  Why are you giving it to me?  What is wrong with the machine……blah blah blah”  I would tell each one that it is either jammed or out of money. It is simply not functioning today. So I am here to hand out the change. It is like they are Stunned that a MACHINE, a COMPUTER could malfunction. UGH!  Well, I was venting about this to one of the utility guys as he came around to collect the trash.  Yeah, we had a good laugh about our “stupid” customers.  And before I could even get back over to my u-scan station, I had embarrassed myself in front of my fellow employee by saying something stupid to a customer.   (I’ll spare everyone the details) KARMA? What do you think? Who’s stupid now? Karma has a way of putting you in your place, I guess.

And again today D and I went to Alabama to a Flea Market. We were kind of hoping to run across some of the items stolen from our building . Someone told D that a Flea market is a place where thieves take things to sell. It is over the Georgia line in Roanoke, Alabama. A huge flea market every Wednesday. And unlike a pawn shop, you don’t have to sign anything. So selling hot items would be easy. Sadly we did not find any of our goods.  Although it was an interesting place. Lots of booths, nice vegetable stands, some nice items and a lot of junk.  Here’s where I think I got in trouble with Karma.  I was talking to D about the patrons of the flea market. I told him these are not my “peeps”. Wow, bra-less women dragging children and babies with Kool-aid bottles, men chewing tobacco and spitting….tobacco juice on side of face and shirt, more people smoking than not smoking, not many well-groomed or well dressed, most looked like they needed a bath, being honest. It was kind of sad. Leaving the flea market D and I stopped in at the McDonald’s for a cold drink and to use the restroom. I went to the restroom, and met D at the counter to get our drinks. He then went to fill up his drink while they were getting my sweet tea behind the counter. When D comes back over to where I’m waiting for my tea (they got it wrong the first time, unsweetened,  so had to go back…thank goodness I was polite) and he is laughing. He whispers to me.” You have toilet paper hanging from your shorts.” OMG I’d been standing there for five minutes! KARMA! I ranted making fun of all those people….Karma showed me!  My face must have turned crimson as I went to the other counter to get my lid and had to walk past all those people who, I KNEW, saw the  one foot of toilet paper  hanging from my shorts! For GOODNESS SAKES I’M 50, I was potty trained eons ago!  How did this happen!)  KARMA!  Well, in my mind I see examples such as this quite often.  I can laugh at myself. And really, I am glad that I don’t make the life choices that some of those flea market patrons have made. For that I am thankful. But what is in our hearts is what is most important. And I work with the public, I am going to always be exasperated by what some of my customers do and say. But Karma might reeling me in…..just a little.


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