If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane

Having someone come on your property and take your things isn’t a laughing matter. Ahhhhh but Jimmy Buffet has a point. Life is so crazy sometimes! Things happen that are beyond our control. If you just sit back and sort it through something funny is bound to come out. It is inevitable.  Seems like every day since the invasion, we figure out something else is missing. I was going to clean my car out the other day.  I enjoy a little music while I work.  So I grab a cd and go out on the porch to the corner we keep our boombox.   Yep, no boombox. WHAT???? The thieves took my boombox??? It was at LEAST seven or eight years old and you have to clean each cd to a spit shine before it would play. For goodness sakes! Would they even get five bucks for it? I LOVED this boombox! Had a great sound and I KNEW how to spit shine the cd’s and all it’s quirks. And we had a brand new canopy tent never opened on porch……they left behind!!!!  Probably would have brought more on pawn than that radioSmile Dummies!

I’ve always loved the bit on the radio “Crooks are Stupid” telling of crooks who lose their wallet at the scene of the crime, etc.  Well, these thieves broke into Dennis’ tool building and stole a LOT of equipment and tools. Then went to his enclosed trailer. We saw signs there, and on the boxcars, where they had tried to break in. They had used a tire tool or some other crude tool. We got a little chuckle out of the fact that they had stolen out of D’s tool building,  a torch, and other tools that they could have easily used to break into the enclosed trailer and box cars!!!  DUH! But there they were trying to break the lock off with a tire tool or screwdriver.  It is not a good feeling as a victim of robbery. Now, we have a newly installed cow gate, mooooo! Nice! Maybe a deterrent.  But we are grateful no one was hurt and it is only material things that are replaced. I am sure before the investigation is over, and it is all said and done, we will have another laugh. If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane!

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