Vegas YAY! Coming home to find we’d been ROBBED, BOO!

Our Vegas trip was so Fun! We didn’t get rich, but had so much fun trying! The highlight for me was seeing my fav band 311, not once, but TWICE! YAY! They played so many songs!  But one I most wanted to hear was finally played on the second day as an encore! I was so happy and relieved that they played it! Beautiful song, “Sometimes Jacks rule the Realm”.  We saw Bill Engvall at Treasure Island…..what a funny guy!  Even though we had quite possibly the worse seats in the house, it wasn’t bad! Bill Engvall had Jake Owen and his band open up for him. They are a pretty good country band. It was an acoustic set so no drums… So the drummer was beating on a paper box. HAHA sounded pretty good, though! Met so many nice people in Vegas at the shows and hotels. A lot of good still in this world! Katie and Stephen were also staying at Excalibur. We met up with them and went to a great breakfast restaurant one morning. They had found it on the cooking channel…..the “Hash House”. Not a super fancy place. We got a kick out of having our coffee served in Christmas mugs. (in March) Haha….But WOW was the food ever YUMMY!  I had an omelet with cheese, spinach, and topped with avocados, and hash browns. Stephen’s blueberry pancakes looked very tasty, too. (and they were, as he shared a bite  Smile Most other mornings my breakfast was two Krispy Kreme raspberry filled donuts and a McDonald’s coffee. Our hotel had a Krispy Krems and a McDonald’s so that worked out great for me (and Dennis). We walked so much this trip! So many escalators did not work. But we didn’t mind. The weather is very beautiful the entire trip! We were very happy with the sunshine!  On Saturday, we took the rental car downtown to Gold and Silver Pawn home of the World Famous Pawn Stars!  There was a line at the door!  It was interesting. I didn’t realize the place was so small. We didn’t see any of the “stars” from the show. They work Monday through Friday. The lights and excitement of Vegas is something I just LOVE!  I would love to take a trip there every year! Gonna see Carrot Top next time. Haha So good to see our doggies when we got home! They seemed glad to see us, too!

What was not fun, at all! was returning home to find that someone had been on our property and taken many, many items from Dennis’ tool building. They did not enter the house. We have an alarm system and signs saying so.  They tried to pry open his box cars and his trailer. But were unsuccessful. They came on the car port and took Erin’s stereo amplifier box that goes into her car trunk. Very many items stolen . Insurance will cover. But what it won’t cover is tools from Dennis’ father and grandfather. How can you put a price on that? It’s very sad that these items may be sold for probably near nothing and mean so much to Dennis.  Well, we are putting up a gate at our drive and have installed a better lock on building. Gonna make it harder for the next thief.

They left some clues…Maybe police can find them….We’ll see…….

Takes a low life dog to take something  off people’s property like that……Makes me sick.

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