Lilah and Lacey Stories….

I Wrote the following posts  for my dogs Lilah and Lacey in 2007 .  We lost Lilah first….Lacey, Lilah’s mother died a few months later. Both died with cancer. Lilah was 11. Lacey was 13. They lived long lives for Boxers. Were healthy up until the last months of their lives.  Oh what a good run they had! They helped us raise our childrenSmile   I still think about these precious pups a lot. They were a big part of our family. We loved them♥  So I felt compelled to add their stories to my blog. I wrote the stories at the time of their death.  (I couldn’t have made it through without my friend Kathy….she accompanied me to the vet when it was time to put Lilah down…..…….it was so sweet of her to do that for me. Couldn’t have been easy for her)

March 2007

Today I had to say goodbye to a loyal friend. A friend who was always happy. She taught me so much. She was so stoic and brave through her cancer. She always perked up when she heard the voices of her loved ones. She would wave that tiny nub of a tail so fast. She really loved to eat and loved treats so much. There were a few things she didn’t like. She didn’t like dancing. If I believed in reincarnation. I would think she was a Preacher reincarnated. If I even started into motion to begin to dance she would attack me. Granted I dance like Elaine on Seinfeld, but still….. the dog hated dancing!!! She hated weed eaters and lawnmowers, too.  But all in all,  she was one big hunk of love. I still have her mama. She will be 13 in November. She’s kind of senile, and arthritic. But with the help of a couple of aspirin a day, she gets along ok. She has her senior moments when she forgets where she is and what she’s doing. But I help her along.  When Lilah was born, the kids and I thought she was the pick of the litter. When people would come to look at pups,  we would keep her hidden. We wanted to keep her. It was a great decision, because she has been a joy. Now I feel the weight of the world on me, but I have to remember the eleven years of joy. The sunshine that precious pup brought to our lives was so precious! I will miss that ol girl! Lilah AKA Kookey There will never be another like her. Thanks for letting me memorialize  my Kookey. Bettykookey


Today we had to say goodbye to our dear, sweet boxer Lacey J. To our knowledge, she never growled at anyone with mal intent. She was a very kind, sweet-natured girl. She lived a long life and was well-loved. Miss Lacey J. has left us such wonderful memories to last a life time. We will miss that ol girl.  The Hammond Family.

Lacey J.

Post note on Lacey J:  Just remembering the Barbie massacre LOL. One day, years ago,  we came home lacey greeted us at the door with a very guilty look on her face. We go into Erin’s room and Lacey had not spared many of Erin’s Barbies!   There were Barbies everywhere!  Arms and legs chewed off, heads chewed off! It was terrible. Erin was in shock.  but she was quickly forgiven. Erin loved that dog!


resa's gift


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