My reaction to the Mad Dad Rant

When I first watched it, I could feel for this dad. I could tell he was angry at his daughter’s betrayal and total cluelessness. From what he was reading, this girl clearly needed an intervention. It does my heart good these days when I see a teenager who “gets” it and appreciates their parents at an early age.  But so many are just like this girl mentioned in this video.

Daughters are very special. We have raised a son and a daughter.(just so I’m clear, sons are special, too)  But raising daughters takes different skills, I guess:)  When my daughter was a little girl, I was her world.  She thought I hung the moon. When she hit the early teen years things changed. She was changing and had differences with our parenting for several years. I can assure you, it was NEVER anything to compare with what this girl did. But, we had some issues. Those issues were OUR business, and OUR business only. My intense love for my daughter would never let me do something to humiliate her before her friends, in that girls case…the world via the WEB!   Even though this girl had some horrible things to say about her parents on her facebook page.  She is a fifteen year old and he is an Adult. He apparently reacted in anger.  As parents, we handled situations in a firm, tough love type way. But, it was always done in love and we didn’t air our problems.  Now that my daughter has matured, she has thanked us for our parenting. She made it through those teen years. She has blossomed into a confident, beautiful woman.  I would NEVER  do anything like this man did. That is going to leave a scar.

And on another note…blowing the computer away?  What did that solve? They could have donated the computer to a needy family. I know this guy had a point to make. But somehow, I feel it was more about revenge than discipline. This should have been a private matter. We should not know about this.  Don’t get me wrong. The girl should have received discipline in a private setting.

Postnote:  Just saw a news story. apparently some people called the police on this man after this posted as they were afraid he might shoot his daughter. The police arrived, just to give him “KUDOS” for what he had done. Now I think I might be sick to my stomach. Only in Albermoro!

My comment on a post:

Betty Brown Hammond

She is 15. He’s an adult. He went on a revengeful rampage and showed her up to the WORLD. That is going to leave a scar. Their relationship may never mend. Daughters are precious. Mine did stupid things at 15.  It was OUR business NOT THE WORLDS VIA the INTERNET. Then he blew away a computer he could have donated to someone. Why? to make a point? We disciplined our kids in private. Tough love, I’ll grant you!  But IN PRIVATE. He has damaged a very special thing. A Daddy/daughter relationship. What a shame. I agree 100% with his sentiment. Not with his actions.
Later:  Well,   I got a couple of “LIKES” and a comment “Thank you, Betty!!!!” But mostly a lot of people ripping me a new one, if you know what I mean:(   I know people have their own opinions but how can someone get the opinion that I’m the blame for kids being brats and walking around asking for more than they deserve. Just from that comment above? All I am saying is that her dad should have used a different form of discipline in private. It was none of the world’s business.   Another one says that the girl didn’t think of her parents when she put that stuff about them on the internet. Well, she is 15 and the Parent is an adult who should have reasoning skills to know the repercussions of such an action. That video went viral. Now that girl is known all over for being a brat. What a label. Should have been PRIVATE.
I saw an article where the Dad stated that he had grounded the daughter and taken her internet privileges away. He said he and she were mending their relationship. Talking about selling the bullets on the internet to pay for her college. (????) But it also seemed that he was getting a lot of hate e-mails. If I were him I wouldn’t have done this out of fear of putting my daughter in danger. A lot of people really hate her now. They hate the way she acted. She could be bullied. There are so many crazy people in the world. The World Wide Web is a huge Venue! Oh well. I have beat this dog to death. That’s all folks…..

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