Surgery/Blob Gone

Finally…I got that glob taken off the side of my left foot! Was about as pleasant as a surgery could be. Was relieved the anesthesiologist gave me something he called the “Elly Mae”. He knocked me OUT.  I originally thought I would have an epidural and I’d be awake throughout the procedure. This made me very nervous.

Surgery lasted less than an hour. Got out…foot hurting, they gave me a snack and some meds. I got dressed, issued an ugly left shoe (actually had to buy the thing), and got out of there. Went to Kroger….. D went in,  got my drugs and baby aspirin. He wanted me to take that to avoid clots.

Whew!  Hope I don’t get another one of those. He sent it off to the lab for analysis, said it was a big mass.

I appreciate all the phone calls and texts from friends and family checking on me.   That meant a lot.

Post notes:

I’ve been to the doc twice. Once the day after surgery, and 02/06/12 Tues., He thought it might be draining too much, and starting infection, so he had me start antibiotics. I’m scheduled to go back 02/09/12 Thurs. Hope I get the stitches out. But probably will be in this ugly shoe for a while:(

OK, I gotta share this:  Went to George Strait/Martina McBride concert on Friday 2/10.  Wore my ugly shoe, and a boot, Lady comes down my row to sit near me wearing pointy toe cowboy boots. Sees my shoe, Says “Hey, I didn’t wear my shoe like that!  I had to wear my boots tonight!”  I asked her “What’s wrong with your foot?”  she said, “I broke two toes last week.”   YIKES!  That was a vain lady! She had rather suffer through the pain than wear that ugly shoe!  I posted that story on f/b, but later removed it because people didn’t know what I was talking about. lol


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