The Blob: Final Destiny.

I had my appointment with Doc Powell on Friday. He had received my MRI results and now told me he needed x-rays. I told him I had already brought in x-rays from Dr. Mike. (bought and paid for!) He said those x-rays were not of the best quality, plus he needed them on his computer. So I went to the x-ray room and had more taken. When back in his office, the x-rays had already been loaded. Wow, that was fast. And boy, the quality was so much better than those I bought from Dr. Mike! It was AMAZING. So clear! I It was embarrassing for Dr. Mike. I felt a little sorry for him.

He recommended surgery.. With a removal of the blob, whatever it was, mass/cyst, and a scraping of the bone and bone spurs.

The surgery takes place at the Summit Surgery Center. It is outpatient surgery. I asked about the length, 30 minutes or about. I wanted to know if I would be knocked out He said I’d be awake, but comfortable. And, I was initially, not comfortable with that answer. But he assured me I would not feel a thing. I will take a couple of weeks for the wound to heal. I can walk pretty much immediately, however, he wants me not to walk much.

He asked me to have a check up with my regular doc before my surgery…Okie dokie. I’ve set that up and my surgery for January 30th. It will be nice to get rid of the BlobSmile


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