Are you serious??? I could have gone to Dr. Powell???

After the fiasco with Dr. Mike. I had to decide what to do. I couldn’t go on with this blob on my foot. Think……Think!!!!!!!  I was thinking of Georgia Bone and Joint. I had been Dr. Powell for about twenty-five years. He had done two knee surgeries, and set my wrist. Plus, solved other issues over the years. But it never once dawned on me that he worked on feet!  I decided to give the office a call. I explained my condition to the girl at the appointment desk. She said, sure, Dr. Powell can take care of that.  I  said. “Are you serious? I could have gone to Dr. Powell in the first place!”  Man!  I felt sick!  I had wasted time and my insurance company’s money going to Dr. Mike!

I had some issues making the first appointment with Dr. Powell, due to trouble getting my x-rays from Dr. Mike. (I ended up having to PAY for them)  My appointment was for Thursday, December, 22nd, at 2:30, in Peachtree, City.

I arrived filled out paperwork, they called my name, Dr. Powell comes in and chit chats a bit on a personal note, then asks about my foot. Asks me to step up on the table so he can take a look. What?  He wants to look at it? No speech?   Yay!  He says initially it feels like a ganglion cyst. These cyst have a lot of fluid, usually.  He tells me he would like to x-ray it. I tell him I brought them from the quack. He goes out to look. Comes back and says, nothing broken and can’t really tell than that from x-rays. He tells me he would like to aspirate it. I’m lying on the table trying to remember what aspirate means when he turns around with a gargantuan (my word for very huge) needle. Then I realize he’s gonna try to suck the fluid out. I tell him that I should have taken some drugs before coming in. He apologizes to me for any pain he might cause and sprays on lidocain to numb it then injects…..I jump….he apologizes profusely…..then pulls it out. It is burning like crazy. Now the blob is throbbing and burning. Poor Dr. Powell apologizes again.  I tell him that it is O.KSmile

He says there’s no fluid is in the cyst. He doesn’t know now what exactly is there. So he tells me what Dr. Mike told me…I need an MRI. UGH. Somehow, though, coming from him and after he thoroughly examined my foot. It seemed more sincere and believable. What choice do I have? It isn’t like I can whack it off with my pocket knife. I have trouble wearing most of my shoes….. It is painful…… I need to get it taken care of, and apparently, I HAVE to have an MRI first.  I had a cyst come up on my wrist a while back. It was a ganglion cyst. I had it removed surgically. Then it came right back. My gynecologist (haha of all people)  told me I wasted my money on surgery the first time. He told me to bust the cyst. It was just water. So I did. Problem solved. Can’t do that with this one. It is solid and painful. Crazy I didn’t need an MRI with that but I do with this because it is solid, I guess….he told me he doesn’t know what he’s dealing with.


I will definitely be adding to this post….MRI Coming up soon……….

12/30/11  MRI was today….When will technology improve to where they are more quiet. I guess noise is a big part of the process. I get so restless having to stay still for 35 minutes. It wasn’t that bad, though.  I will call Monday to get an appointment with Dr. Powell. By then he will have the results. I hope he will have a plan for my newly required blob.

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