Just say no to Cysts!

I have always had really gawky feet. My toes are not attractive at all. I think my big toes have cellulite!    I have had issues with ingrown nails, so my toenails do not grow to a proper length. However, in the last few years I’ve made an effort to go to the nail salon for a pedicure on a semi-regular basis. So this has improved the looks somewhat. But I can’t do anything about the bunions. Those bumps that stick out on the bones of the big toes and I even have tailor’s bunions on the little toes. Recently, within the last couple of months, I noticed the tailor’s bunion on my left foot was getting very sore. My foot was hurting in my shoes,  especially after a long day of walking, shopping or a shift at work.  It turned red and became kind of puffy and squishy. The pain increased as the bump got a little bigger and more pronounced. After working it throbs when I lie down and eventually I end up getting up to take meds for the pain.

Wednesday, this week, I decided to check for any foot doctors locally.  I needed an appointment.  I ended up with an appointment at Georgia Ankle and Foot on Highway 34 at 9:15 on Thursday. I got there at around 9:12.  When I walked in the office I noticed a very strong smell of what I thought was “dirty feet”.  It was not pleasant.  I signed in filled out my paperwork.  I was looking around the waiting room and ahhhh haaaa!  I noticed a rack of what looked like used Orthotic shoes with yard sale tags. Hmmmm, how strange. Was this also a consignment store? Very strange and creepy.

Soon I heard my name, so I went with the nurse to the exam room. The nurse sat me down and started asking questions. She said(in a very stern tone), “Do you smoke?”  I found the question just a little strange. I don’t know, maybe I skipped it on my paperwork… “No Ma am, but what does that have to do with my feet?”  I replied.  She said, “It has  a lot to do with it, Smoking affects your circulation …”   I told her, “I don’t smoke, but my feet are bad anyway.”

She took me to x-ray my foot, brought me back and told me to take off my sock and sit down in the chair…he would be right in. I sat there a few minutes, then he came in. He introduced himself as Dr. Michael Dombeck. But said I could call him “Dr. Mike”.  He asked me what my problem was. I told him that I thought it was a bunion that had given me some pain.  Then he proceeded to take the x-rays over to his lighted board and began what I later realized must have been his “Bunion Speech”. Basically telling me how to care for bunions, if they flare up ice them, take Advil. Blah, blah, blah….  If they get to the point you want them taken care of, surgery is an option…..you would be in a boot for up to eight weeks with no heavy activity. Yes, this was something I’m sure he does repeat a lot as bunions are probably common. So, “Dr. Mike” is winding down his speech telling me he is going to give me a script for some med for pain. (The guy has not TOUCHED my foot) I tell him I’ve had bunions a long time. Just recently this one on my left foot has gotten very painful and it feels like something is going on there. It is puffy and squishy. Oh No! Now Dr. Mike has to touch the darn thing!   He pinches it up and rolls it around. And says, “Yes, feels like you might have a cyst in there!”  I said “Can you take it out?”  He said that it would mean an MRI. I would have to have and MRI to find out what kind of cyst, etc.  I told him that I didn’t want to go through all that cost just for a small cyst on my foot. He said that he could drain it. I told him the fluid would come back and I’d still have the cyst. He was getting annoyed at me. He said something about a biopsy. I was trying to find out why a biopsy alone would not be enough to diagnose it. But he seemed to losing patience with me. I was telling him that I was hurting and just wanted to get rid of the thing without going through an MRI. He said again, “Do you want me to drain it?” I said “No, and the MRI seems like overkill.”  He said “What do you want to do?”  I said, “I want to get my records and go somewhere else, I think you’re getting annoyed with me.”  He never said another word. He was just jotting stuff down in my file. (Probably, Crazy Bitch with ugly cyst)  Any who, I stood up to walk out. He stuck his hand out for me to shake. I kept walking. Really, why would I shake his hand. Had we agreed on anything? made friends? made a deal? He did not seem very concerned with me or my cyst.  Apathy and stinky feet…guess that’s what my insurance is paying for. No, he did not deserve my handshake. I am not a rude person. I was really disappointed in my visit to that stinky office with Dr. Mike.

When I went to check out….The girl said, “You owe $35.00 for your co-pay.”  I said, “No Ma ‘am, I have met my deductible and I have two insurances. I do not have a co-pay.”  Then she tried to schedule an appointment for me. I told her I would not be coming back.

Later that day I had texted my daughter, Erin about my experience. She said, “No more Cysts!”  and I told her, “ Yeah, let’s just say NO to cysts”.  After the last week or so, seems like a good plan!

Postnote:  I just called Dr. Powell’s office (Georgia Bone and Joint) I should have gone there to begin with!  I feel bad that I didn’t. I just didn’t realize he would work on bunions.  I called Dr. Dombeck’s office to see what the protocol was for picking up my x-rays. The girl says I have to pay $3.00 per x-ray. I find that silly since my insurance is paying for the x-rays. That place really does stink.

Another Postnote:  Was told I would need 24 hour notice to get the x-rays. (grrrr even though I’d be paying $3.00 each for them) So I called Wednesday this week so I could pick them up Thursday. They told me Dr. Dombeck would have to sign off on them…..so they wouldn’t be ready until late Thursday. UGH! My appointment with Dr. Powell was at 1:40…so I had to reschedule. Another week before I go to Powell because of these people. They continue to cause me pain.


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