Seriously, this story needs to be told:

My daughter, Erin, told me last week that she had what she thought was a cyst. I told her to call Newnan OBGYN for an appointment. On Wednesday,November 30th, she said she contacted the office for an appointment and made one for the next Wednesday, December 7th, but the pain seemed getting more intense. I told her to come on to Newnan and we would try to get her in that day. So I called the office and they could not get her in. I told them she was in pain, so could I talk to the triage nurse or have the nurse call her. They took Erin’s number and did try to call, but caught her in class, and when Erin returned the call they had gone to lunch. So, Erin came on to Newnan, we met at their office. We decided to go on in and talk face to face. When we got in. Erin asked them again if they could squeeze her in. The woman gave her a very fast and frank “NO”! So I stepped in front of the window, remained calm and asked if she could at least speak to the triage nurse since they had missed one another on the phone. This was allowed. Erin went back spoke to this nurse, and left with a Friday, December 2nd, appointment. Which was a little better. But she still left in pain.

We return for the Friday appointment. Erin goes back. Comes out after a while and tells me that they need to lance it and drain it, but she wouldn’t let them as she was nervous about it. She told the nurse and the doctor that when she has to have a filling or dental work done, Dr. Swords usually prescribes a few xanax for her to take before the procedure. (As her mother, and dealing with her throughout her lifetime of having shots, dental work, broken arm, etc. She has anxiety of medical procedures and has to know exactly what is going on at all times. And the best solution is to sedate her) So, Erin left Friday with the impression that she would be given xanax to relax her for the procedure on Monday. The doctor told her he could give her a script for antibiotics that day and that might cause the cyst to drain naturally. He would just send her home with that and a script for pain.

Later that day Erin went to the Kroger in Carrollton to pick up her prescriptions. There was only one!!! Oh NO! The antibiotic. The doctor had not prescribed one for pain and it was past office hours. Erin had to spend the entire weekend in pain. I tried to get her to call the emergency number listed. But she wouldn’t do it. She did, however, do some research on this type of cyst. There is no pain if only filled with fluid. It is painful if it abscesses. So this must have meant she was dealing with an abscessed cyst. In this case, maybe the doctor should have not let her leave without draining it. Even if it meant letting her leave to go get some xanax. (In my humble opinion.) Or the very least, he should have called her in the pain meds! She was really hurting!

By Monday she was not able to even drive to the doctor. Dennis had to drive to Carrollton to pick her up. I called and made her an appointment at 11:10. Whoever I spoke to at that time was very nice. They transferred me to a nurse to ask for the xanax. I had to leave a message. We never got a call. So we showed up at the office at 10:00. Erin was crying and could barely walk in. We get to the desk and tell them we need to talk to the nurse about a prescription. After a few minutes, she’s called back….I walk back with her. The nurse hands me the prescription for one tablet of xanax 1mg. I told her was a very small amount and would probably do very little to calm her. Dr. Swords usually gives more than that for a filling. She said (all the while she is very “matter of fact”) that is all he is going to give at this time. I let it go. But I KNEW it was a mistake!!!!! Then she said they were going to have to postpone her appointment until later in the afternoon. Dr. Stiegelman had to go to the hospital for a couple of deliveries. (or something??) So I told her that Erin really needed to see a doctor! Was there another doctor? She didn’t really give me a clear answer. So I again let it go. I just wanted to get Erin out to the car. I walked her out. Was on the phone with Dennis who had gone to Lee King for the RX call (he didn’t realize they were going to hand me the script…thought they would call it in). When I told him they wanted to postpone the appointment his blood pressure shot up and I thought he was going to blow up! But I told him that I was getting Erin in the car and I was going back in to see what I could do.

Giving some background, I have been a patient at this clinic for about 22 years…maybe more. Dr. Lonergan delivered Erin. I have no issues with him, or his nurse, Lauren. The front end staff has changed over the years. They don’t really know me, but they should. An office staff should remember a patient who has come regularly for around 22 or more years! And you are loyal to a doctor so that in an emergency you hope that you’ll be treated promptly and with care. Sadly, Erin did not get any such treatment. Erin’s Doctor is Dr Stiegelman.

So, I walk up to the window. I was really, really mad. (almost to the point of hyperventilation) I told the woman who was there that I was very unhappy with our experience. That when we came in Wednesday we were told in no uncertain terms “NO” when asked if Erin could seen. I called the woman out who said it. I told her she didn’t know what was wrong with my girl, she could have bled to death! She just said “NO”! I told her if she made the appointment Wednesday and got on the antibiotics, then brought in Friday for the lancing, she would not have suffered the entire weekend. I told her Dr. Lonergan delivered Erin! I had been a patient for around 22 years or more! The reason you’re loyal is so you can have the luxury to be seen when you have an emergency. This goes for my daughter! The woman kept telling me to calm down, calm down. She said, ok, ok. Come over here…..she took me to a more private area to talk. I guess other patients were listening. A few minutes later Dr. Slomka’s nurse comes up and says. We can see Erin now. I said that she can’t go back now. I have to go get her xanax. So we went to get her xanax….. Came back and I thought she was going to see Slomka.

Well, they called her back. She was back there a while. When she came out…I asked her if she had her notes for professor and her work….she went straight out. I said, ” how did it go?” She said not well. It wasn’t pretty. They wish, probably, they had given her more xanax. First of all. Stiegelman was there after all. (guess his plans changed) and she said he was not letting her know what he was doing during the procedure. It was scary and painful.Telling her to calm down…. At one point the nurse clasped her hand over Erin’s mouth! I am like ARE YOU SERIOUS???? What is this, the middle ages? That is ridiculous! And who is that pompous doctor to say if it is hurting or not, and to tell her to calm down? That is why she needed more xanax! If Erin says it hurts, IT HURTS! People have their own limits of pain. And it might not all be pain, it is an anxiety she has about it. All it would have taken was a couple of xanax. It isn’t like Erin is a pill popper. She is the type that will lie down for an hour to see if a headache will go away on its own before taking a Tylenol! She doesn’t like to take meds! The way they treated her makes me so angry. To top it off. She They sent her home with zero instructions. A drainage catheter in the cyst….do I shower?….blah blah blah….Drop the ball would ya doc! Yes……Mess with my kid and you will get my blood boiling!!!!!

I seriously do not know what to do I’m so mad at the flippant attitude of that nurse, then I feel it was negligent on the Doc. NOT giving her enough meds to calm her down and then getting annoyed that she is hurting. Sickens me. I love Doctor Lonergan, and will probably stay with him and nurse Lauren. But I hope Erin finds another doctor who will take better care of her.

Post note: On Tuesday, while shopping, I got a call on my cell from the triage nurse at Newnan OBGYN. She said she tried to call Erin to check on her, but there was no answer. She wanted to know how Erin was doing. I took that opportunity to tell her exactly how I felt. She was very nice and said understood how I felt and would look into my allegations. I told her I was not out to compromise anyone’s livelihood, or was I litigious. I only wanted my story told and it to known that Erin should have received better care. I do not want anyone treated this way.

Another Post note: Erin was called on Wednesday morning. She said she talked about the incident involving the covering of her mouth. Her mouth had her own hands on it. and the nurse covered her hands on her mouth. Erin’s discussion with me right after the incident was that they were trying to get her quiet and that is when it happened. I am going to leave it at that. Also, in Erin’s discussion it that since she has an issue, perhaps a “phobia” with these types of procedures. She should perhaps go to her primary care physician and get a prescription for xanax. WHAT????? That suggestion made me angry again! I can not believe this! Erin is not trying to score some xanax! She just needed it for that procedure. Why can’t the doctor that is performing a procedure offer a prescription for meds needed for that procedure. Ridiculous to ask that she go to her primary care provider and ask for a schedule 3 drug. I do not understand why she can go to her dentist and he has no issues prescribing xanax for a filling! Oh well…..That suggestion was ludicrous anyway, because I really think Erin should find a gynecologist who will have no issues with her “phobias”. You know, we are only talking about two or three xanax tablets. Enough to sedate her for one procedure. GEEZ. This has been a crazy EXPERIENCE!

Back again….thought of something else. A while back, I wrote a note in Facebook about our dog Pinky. He has issues with anxiety when he has to go to the vet. It causes great distress for poor Pinky. After Dr. Hendricks, realized he wasn’t going to come around and adjust to being seen for his check-ups. He told me to call ahead (we live about a 50 minute drive from our vet office, Hendricks Animal Clinic in Manchester, Georgia) and he would mail a rx to our house for us to administer to Pinky before bringing him in. Thinking of Pinky made me realize that even our Veterinarian has more compassion for our dog, than this doctor apparently had for my daughter. (Pinky’s bad day recently added to blog!)

3 thoughts on “Seriously, this story needs to be told:

  1. Good Lord, that is so wrong. I have walked out on a couple of idiotic Doctors in my time. I hate that Erin had to go through all of this, it was uncalled for. There are plenty of Doctors out there, sometimes we pick the wrong ones. Where in the heck was compassion for her. That nurse that clamped her hand over Erin’s mouth should be sued!!! I would like to place mine around her NECK!!!


  2. Me, too. I had to blog to get it off my chest. I’ve been so mad! She definitely needs to change docs. If she is married one day and wants kids, I would hate to think of that lady being in there clamping her hand on her mouth while she’s in labor! I’m sure they are used to women being in pain. Makes me mad just thinking about it!


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