Simply UGH

I hate to see a perfectly good status ruined by containing lines like: “Not one of my Facebook friends will copy this” or  “I know which of my REAL friends will copy..” or “only some of you will do it, and I know who you are”.  Yeah…asking you to copy and paste, put on your status. Sometimes only for an hour.  Sometimes the real content of the status is nice. It is something that I appreciate being brought to my attention. What I don’t like is being “dared”to post it!  Plus, isn’t that sort of an insult? It is telling you that you won’t live up to their expectations.  In my opinion, they shouldn’t expect that of me!  I should read something and decide whether I want to post it on my own!  I know…it is probably just MY pet peeve. But I do not like it. As a rule, I don’t copy and paste anyone’s status. Also, not a fan of status shuffle.  What I put out there is actually written by me, or a quote I choose,  or a link I recommend….not saying I’m always brilliant. Some of my posts go unnoticed. Others get little attention.  I really fly under the radar on Facebook.  But it isn’t something someone told me or shamed into putting on my status.

Sometimes I get e-mails similar to these daring posts. Saying if I don’t forward to a certain number of friends I won’t receive blessings. Blah, Blah, Blah. DELETE. That is exactly how I treat those.  How about those that say you’ll see something on your screen if you forward to so many people?   How many times does someone have to fall for this? Are people really that gullible?   Sometimes if the e-mail is good or funny,  I copy everything but the “dares” and “threats” at the end , paste it on a new e-mail—then send it. I don’t know who started those mind games, but JUST STOP IT ALREADY!

(Side note:  There is always a friend who likes the status, and comments “I would if I could, but I don’t know how.”  LOL. This always blows my mind.  How does an adult not know how to copy and paste?  And why doesn’t the original poster ever come back with instructions on how to copy and paste?  Maybe they are on a smart phone…. that makes it a little more difficult:)  Side note 2:  More of pet peeve 2…lol…when will people stop those stupid scams and when will people become wise to them.   If you see an outrageous  video that starts off “99% of people won’t finish watching….” or something saying so many shares will save a baby…. Don’t fall for it!!!  If you click on some of them it automatically appears on your friends wall. And if you download the java required to view, you will get a virus that can wreck your computer.   Here’s an idea…why don’t people go to Snopes and check out something before plastering it on their wall. And the latest Privacy thing threatening to delete you if you don’t scroll over and change settings…..GO TO SNOPES! Set your own privacy settings and hope your friends have theirs set for friends only. If you are that paranoid, maybe social media isn’t your thing. I also do not like the posts about finding out who has looked at your wall, etc. If you don’t want people to see your wall, set your privacy settings! If your wall is accessable, and I am your friend. Don’t make me feel slimy for taking a peek. Not everyone is a predator. Don’t post pictures you do not want seen. My F/B is open to my friends. I love social networking.   Silly Scams……


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