Robot Monitor…and Robots don’t throw me under the bus!

I work the u-scan robots at Kroger, mostly. On Facebook I listed my job description as Robot Monitor, sort of tongue in cheek. I still have to deal with customers and bosses. I am venting in this post. Last night I had a customer scan some Gillette products that were in our proctor and gamble promotion where they receive $4.00 off at the end of their order.  This customer completed her scanning and presented me with coupons.

I looked over the coupons and checked her products and told her the coupon didn’t match her product. She argued that the coupon was for any Gillette product.  I then told her that if I were to scan all the coupons her order would come to a negative balance in which I would owe her money and this was against Kroger policy. She became argumentative. At that time another supervisor was passing by. I stopped her, this supervisor confirmed everything I had told the woman. The woman wanted to speak to a manager. We paged a manager.  I told the manager that her coupons didn’t match and our policy is not to give a customer money back on coupons. We are not to have a negative balance. The whole time the woman is saying to the manager “this woman is the only one I’ve ever had trouble with”.  (And I do not recall ever seeing this customer before). The customer tells the manager she bought the products and wants to use the coupons.  (then repeats “this woman is the only one I’ve ever had trouble with”) I tell the manager again, she has coupons, but they do not match her product. The manager tells me just take them and give her the money, I’ll sign off on it. (the lady repeats “this lady is the only one I’ve had trouble with”) I WAS THROWN UNDER THE BUS. I am an employee who knows policy. who is enforcing it. But isn’t backed up, but THROWN UNDER THE BUS. So what do I learn from this. If a customer has a coupon for free green beans but wants free asparagus, do I just override the coupon. Better than being embarrassed by the manager.  At least now the customer thinks I’m the cats pajamas!  I really think it is time for me to move on. I wanted to tell this manager, hey buddy you can have this job.

(FYI  The boss mentioned here is not Stirling….he would never do that to me:-)



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