Dates with Kathy

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I’ve been friends with Kathy since we were in our teens. I think she moved to Newnan (actually Grantville) when she was around sixteen.  We met through the religion we were raised.

. We are both out of the religion now, but have remained friends for all these years.  Kathy and I had some very fun times as teens. We were pretty close. We went on several road trips together.

One I remember well was a road trip to Savannah to visit her grandma.  We traveled in my ‘67 Dodge Coronet. It was a beauty. I loved that car. I had regular house speakers wired up  and sitting in the rear area under window.  The music system sounded awesome. Even though it was an 8 track tape system. We had the best time in Savannah!  And years later, her sweet grandma still talked about our visit.

We used to go to the Kroger store (Where Farmer’s furniture is now located) and buy a bottle of Sangria and a loaf of Italian bread and sit in the parking lot and have a girls night out. It was good times. We had some goofy boy friends and our night out with them was skating in Riverdale.  I was with Kathy when she and Larry started seeing one another. We used to go to the recreation center and he would be there working out with T-Bird.  I was glad she found a man who cared for her so much.  I was so thrilled for her to marry him, and elated when Michael was born. He was a doll.
Kathy gave me a baby shower when I was pregnant with Stephen. She also was with me through the birth. And that was an all day/into the night affair. I really don’t know if I ever thanked her enough for that.

Now, that we are older and our lives have their day-to-day routines, we don’t want our friendship to get lost. So we decided to make a date for one another. Once per month Kathy and I have a date. We meet at different restaurants and chat it up over what is going on in our lives. We really enjoy our time together.   Our dates are special.

Recently my family surprised me with a birthday party. Next Monday I will be the big Five O!   It was a really nice party. Food was excellent.  So many family members were able to make it!  And you know Kathy was there! She was “representing” as far as my friends go.

Kathy even admits she is not very computer savvy so not sure if she will ever read this. LOL But if you do, Kathy, You are LOVED!


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