I didn’t have a clue!

bettysurprisedErin,Katie n Stephen…and maybe Dennis:) pulled off a surprise party for my big Five O!  Yeah….a week or so early….but It caught me off guard. It was a very sweet thing for her to do. She enlisted the help of brother, Stephen, and sister-in-law, Katie to send out invitations and help with planning process, and was able to get my sisters Margie, Brenda and Doris to help her  give the food. And, we had a feast! Doris made the cake a specialty shop would sell for a couple hundred bucks!  It was huge, beautiful, and delicious…..a raspberry and white chocolate flavor. So very moist!  It was certainly a hit!

It was so nice to see the family there. I am truly blessed with such a wonderful Husband, children, sisters, nieces, nephews, friends.

I had pleaded with my family NOT to give me a party. I was nervous about being the center of attention at an event like that. But I am grateful that my family thought enough of me to do this. I appreciate the family and friends who came out to celebrate this grand event with me. Wow….half a century. I am very old.

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