Why are these weird things happening to me?

This is a blog I will edit often, I’m sure.  Recently, some strange things have happened to me. Small things that I might just brush off if it were one incident. But I’m going to keep a journal.

Quite recently the strange thing that happened was when cleaning robot 84 at u-scan, Robot 82 started talking while no one  was anywhere near it, “are you using your own bags?”  Usually when it says this it is a sign that weight is on the scale. YIKES.

Then While standing at the podium at U-scan, and no one had been at robot 82 for a long time. It, for no reason printed a void slip. Weird!!!!

Then there was that phantom woman I let out.  (Refer to My weekend from Hell)

And the coozies that were crammed in my car door. NO ONE will  admit to putting there.

Then yesterday, my computer screen lost the background picture and sure….I thought virus. I ran a scan. Rebooted. Loaded a new background and new picture. Computer is running fine. Scan said nothing wrong.

No problems. So I go ahead and do my emailing etc. When I finish and close out my windows. The background and background pic is back to the original that I had on it. Not the one I replaced it with. And I haven’t rebooted or anything. It just did it on its own. THAT”S WEIRD!!!!!!!

Then before going to bed. As I do every night. I click the button to turn the tv off. I hear the tone  it makes. The screen goes black. I get up go to the kitchen. Am in there a good 10 minutes as I have to medicate my dog, Raygen.  I ‘m getting ready to go back into the living room to turn light off and the tv turns itself back on!!!!!! THAT”S WEIRD!!!

I’m sure there is a logical explanation. Just a little creepy.

Update August 20)  Ok, I’m officially gonna say it. 82 creeps me out and I think it has a gremlin inside.  A lady scanned a product three times. and it came up ‘item not on file’  I told her I would have to go get a price on the item as it did not scan. It was mascara, so I hurried over and got the price on it. Came back, told her the price, which was $6.39, handed her the product…told her I would go key in the price manually. We laughed because she had guessed at the price and it was higher than the real price.  Any who….while I was walking back to the podium to key it in. She accidentally scanned it again and it came up 6.39!!!! I did not switch products and the product did not have multiple bar codes. THAT WAS SPOOKY!

The repair crew came out to fix the coin dispenser, which hasn’t worked in days. They put a new dispenser from factory. In ol 82 it recognizes all coins as pennies. So it is still out of service. (Gremlin within, I tell ya!)

February 2013

Ok, I’m updating….gotta include this crazy tale. Coming home from work about a week or so ago. I glanced in my rear view mirror and noticed a stick man drawing in my back  window. Upon closer examination, I saw this guy was well endowed and highly excited.  WOW! Who would draw something like that on my car? Was it a customer who knows me?   Was it a fellow employee? I just could not imagine. Kinda funny stick guy though. He was smiling and waving. Oh well, Dennis called me on the cell as I was driving home. I told him about the stick man, I didn’t know he had me on SPEAKER PHONE and Erin was home! LOL Embarrassing……  I got some cleaning spray and a rag, cleaned the guy off the next day. Forgot about him.  Was working the next week….driving home…glanced in rear view…Yep….He’s back!   Looked like same guy maybe different expression. Good Grief!  Who is doing this!


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