My Weekend from Hell

Friday was a typical busy Friday at the Ol Kroger.  I close the place down on Friday and Saturday nights, working the U-scan robots.  We close at 1:00 am, so at around 12:45 I announced that we would be closing, then I was busy with customers and did not get to announce promptly at 1:00 am that we had closed. So Dustin, a manager from the night crew came up front to do it, but another customer came through the door. It was 1:03. He locked the doors. Made the announcement. The customer that came in proceeded through the bakery area and was later seen in produce with a watermelon. I had walked over and talked to Dustin when he got off the intercom and he told me the woman was in the store. I walked back over to U-scan and dealt with my customers.  This is where it gets weird . I waited on all the customers. Let them out the locked door as they finished checking themselves out. Looked at the time and it was 1:13. I announced that anyone in the store should make final choice, and bring to u-scan at once. The store closed.. Then went to Dustin to ask if the Lady was let out. He said no. So WOW!  The whole night crew and myself went into a search for this mystery woman. To no avail. I was actually scared!  I was taking damaged goods back in the back storage areas with my knife open! Thinking some crazy is hiding and is going to jump me. Or is this woman hiding so she can sneak into the pharmacy to score some xanax or another drug of choice?

Here comes the Weekend from Hell part……The next morning the night crew got the chance to look at the video with Stirling. And according to them, I LET HER OUT!!!!  (at 1:05) Wait a minute. I have zero memory of doing this, yet they say I did it. This launched my brain into a migraine that lasted the entire weekend. I do not know how I can completely not realize I did something.  Makes me think I’m going crazy!  Then on Saturday I managed to make it back to work, gathering every bit of intestinal fortitude I had. Besides going in with a terrible headache. But hey, maybe it was something ghostly, I was at the podium at U-scan and no one had been at Robot 82 in a while, when all at once it printed a void slip.  That was creepy and random. Other things have happened when I’ve been there late night and usually involving robot 82. Sometimes when wiping down robot 84,  robot 82 will say something like “are you using your own bags”.  No one even near it!  So maybe my hologram let out that woman. What the heck.  Saturday night around 10:45 my stomach knotted up as the night crew began to start trickling in.  And yes, I what a big laugh they all got out of the video. How funny it was. HAHAHA  I hope they all got a great laugh at my price. All I got out of it was a Migraine and a feeling that I’m getting old and losing my mind. But at least they got some pleasure.   I am glad I went to work Saturday. Instead of calling out. I felt bad enough to call out, but going in was important.

I had to suck it up. I am hitting the big Five O this month. More of these kind of things to come, I’m sure.  I have so much more going for me than some of the people who laughed at me. I just have to keep my priorities straight.  Better to lose my mind a little at a time than all at once, I guess.

(adding this note:  last weekend there were two coozies stuck in the door of my car. two 311 day coozies from Vegas, they looked brand new. No one has admitted to putting them there…..and believe me, I’ve asked a lot of people……Just another kind of disturbing, yet in a good way, thing that has happened at the Ol Kroger store….beginning to really creep me out)

POSTNOTE: I never saw the tapes of the woman leaving the store. And the times do not match up on here. If I’m talking to Dustin at !:03 after the announcement, then I go back to take care of customers at U-scan. And the woman comes through doors after 1:00 and has headed to produce and bakery, How do I let her out at 1:05? I still have no memory. She had to have blended with other customers. Mystery Woman!


2 Replies to “My Weekend from Hell”

  1. Great blog Ms. Betty!

    Two things I liked one is that you have ALOT more going for you than anyone on that stock crew TRUE and second was the coozies. I didn’t know about that kinda weird…

    Anyways, don’t worry about what other people think of you like I said its all good no worries. Take care of the customers like you always do and you can be satisfied with a job well done!

    Happy blogging lol



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