The definition seemed a bit harsh when I looked it up.  So I don’t know if you would call me cynical. Many who know me also know my background as a former Jehovah’s Witness. Of course this was eons ago when I was a minor. It was the religion I knew from childhood, and when old enough I got out. Since then I have struggled to come to grips with my “spiritual” side. It has been a long journey. I know that I am a lover of goodness and hater of evil. Although fall short…a lot!  I truly believe in Love.  But I have so many issues with organized religion. I have in the past, when raising my children, tried to attend.  I have seen very sincere Christians who truly believe  and live their lives in concordance.  I truly think that it is honorable to practice what you believe. But I have so many issues:  Christians say things that make me want to shake my head, but  I always keep my mouth shut tight. I know there is no need for an argument. I would be taken down for slaughter. Christians are a tight-knit bunch. When I hear things like “God was with me in that car” when one might have narrowly avoided a wreck. I think of all the Christians who died in-car wrecks that day. Why was God not with them? There are things that don’t make a lot of sense to me. For instance, In a story I read about a woman who was running a race when a woman collapsed  beside her. She knew cpr as a nurse. So she was able to revive the fallen runner. She later stated that “God put me where I was needed, when I was needed to be there.””  Well, statements like that make me wonder about the runners in other races who collapsed and didn’t have a nurse beside them. Did God forget to give a nurse to them?  Too much to run through my mind.  Refer to my “Does Everything Happen for a Reason” blog. I have no problem with Randomness. Now, I am happy that people have faith if it makes them happy. Let them believe. I would never want to take that away from them. .  Another example, during the tornadoes a family who was interviewed  said “God was with us”  Wellllll What about those people who lost their lives?  Were all of those people NON Christians?  Makes you think.  I am cynical, I guess. I wonder what happened to all the people before Jesus.  I have studied this and one theory is they went to the center of the earth to Hades. One half of Hades is a Paradise other half is Purgatory.  This is getting a little far-fetched. I really do not know what happened. It hurts my brain to think about it!  I have had zealot Christians tell me I need to go to church or I’m going to hell. First off, I don’t believe that for a second. Secondly, they lost all their credibility as a Christian. The minute they presume to know who is going to heaven or hell. Same minute….credibility gone!

But, Love never Fails. Oh, wait a minute…I don’t want anyone to get the impression that I don’t have faith, I just look at things differently.
There is all the Dogma in all the religions in the world. How does anyone make sense of it all? Everyone should follow Galatians 5, 14 (this is KJV) “For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this: Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”
This is like living the “golden rule”. And quite frankly, it is the scripture I base my life on. I am not affiliated with a church at this time. Although, still on the membership role at First Baptist in Newnan. I’m not ready for that. and frankly do not consider it a salvation issue. I’m sure many would disagree but I do not fail to talk about my beliefs and fellowship with others of like faith. I’m not saying I’ll never go to church again. But if I do, It will have much different from past experiences.
With all the religious diversity, and only one heaven. There will be some surprises up there. Probably some Catholics who will see a few Mormons and Baptists. The big surprise will be the Jehovah’s Witnesses that may show up there! Now, really, take my mother, for instance. I cannot turn her name in for any mother awards. But I know she sincerely believes in her religion with every fiber of her being. She is worshiping her God in sincerity. Does anyone honestly think God cannot see that she is brainwashed? I’m sure she will have a chance before her maker. God will open her eyes! Or maybe not…. We just do not know. We cannot say who will or will not go to heaven. We do not know how to read hearts.


One Reply to “Cynical?”

  1. Yeah, I always wondered how they justified all the bad stuff that happened to all the other people while God was in their car/home/etc. Dog just rides in my car.


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