Dental Journal

For me….Laundry is perpetual and having cavities filled.   Monday was a day of celebration and pain. I forgot to turn volume up on phone, so I didn’t hear alarm until second alarm.  Had to get up and hurry off to my dentist appointment at 9:00 am….I rolled in parking lot at exactly 9:00 am.  Thinking I was getting one cavity filled.

When I went back, Dr. Swords told me he would fill all three of my remaining cavities. All that leaves for him to do to my mouth is crown an already “root canaled” tooth!!!! YAY!  CELEBRATION!  My mouth is decay free for the first time since I was probably a teenager, LOL!  I take this as a challenge!  Apparently I am not normal, I will have to go above the norm and floss more, brush more, rinse more!  I accept this challenge and will update this post with my next check-up!

The pain part was the fillings!  OUCH!  Very uncomfortable. I had that bite blocker thing and that drill sounded like it was grinding into my bones. I needed to swallow the time, but couldn’t . I couldn’t breath. I was about to panic. I usually can tolerate this for one tooth, but three!  I was in there for over two hours of torture.  And when the Novocaine wore off my mouth hurt all day. Not Doc Swords fault…he is awesome. I’ve been his patient for over 20 years. I’m sure I’ll put his kids through college. At least now I have double dental coverage. That helpsSmile

Update: August 15, 2011  Last week I went to Dr. Swords to have a crown placed back in because it had fallen out…He ex-rayed the tooth roots, and had to replace the posts and he reinstalled the tooth.  Told me it would be sore a few days.  I went home….when the Novocaine wore off it began to hurt. I took lorcet and followed up with Advil. The pain was persistent throughout the weekend. So on Monday (today) I called and told him the pain was more than a little sore. So I to come in. I went in, they x-rayed. When he came in he saw on the ex-ray that there was a crack in the root. So immediately he knew that was the cause of my pain. He told me sadly, I would lose the tooth. I was so mad/sad at the same time. I (me/insurance) had just paid a butt load of money for that tooth. The root canal, and the crown. I would venture to say around a thousand dollars!  Ge’ez!  Now I had to go through the PAIN of an extraction, plus have a gap in my back teeth, and be poorer.  Not to mention he’s not doing the extraction gratis. Though I have a beef about him not spotting the fracture on the first ex-ray. I LOVE my Dentist to death and think he is a great dentist. But feel somehow I am getting the short end of the stick here.

The extraction was the most horrifying dental experience I’ve ever had. At first I wasn’t numb enough. I had to tell him to give me another shot of the Novocaine. They had a big ol block in my mouth. He was pushing down so hard on my jaw trying to get a grip on the root. The assistant had to push my other jaw towards him I thought his hand would slip and he would just stick a hole through my jaw. I was getting so scared and nervous. The tooth broke. Then he had to push harder to get the broken piece. UGH. Right before he got the last piece I was about to burst into tears and scream…He was just going to have to give me some xanax! I couldn’t have taken any more. But it ended just in time.  Missed my chiropractic appointment!  But man, I’m gonna need it Wednesday!

Another Update: August 17th:  Got Dry Socket!  Might be because I failed every rule after getting the procedure done:   I spit:  before I read instructions:  no spitting. I drank from straw:  before I read instructions: do not drink from straw I took a goody powder:  before I read instructions: do not take anything containing aspirin. So, I called doc again this morning telling him my pain meds were too weak. I need stronger ones. Assistant tells me to come in and get checked, sounds like I have dry socket. Yep. I do. So they put a yucky paste in my gaping hole in my mouth. And gave me some to bring home. It soothed it. Taste awful!  I did get another stronger antibiotic and more dope. (as Dennis calls it, LOL)  So, Hope I get better now!

Yet another update:  Will this ever end?  I went back to Doc today. My gaping hole in my mouth has given me fits. Aching like a tooth ache, but the tooth is missing. The pain doesn’t go away with pain meds. But more frustrating was my visit. I was x-rayed. and he found it was healing nicely with no abnormalities. So his explanation for all the pain is that it was a heck of an infection in there and it will take time to go away. UGH!  I certainly hope it begins to fade away soon!

Post Note: Yes another update….I have been paying on this bill for the extraction, etc. I think the bill was originally around 500.00 or 600.00 dollars. I had it paid down to a little over 300.oo in February. I had gone in the office to pay in January and spoken to Sybil about the bill, and she had said something about calling the insurance and an adjustment. So February was kind of crazy because I had the foot surgery bills coming in and somehow the Swords bill got overlooked. Although I am fully aware of it and I had told Sybil she had nothing to worry about. We would pay the bill.  But I got a call from another girl from the other Ruth drive office. I returned the call. She tells me she’s calling because I didn’t pay in February. Let me tell you, I have been a  patient of Dr. Swords for about 25 years. I’ve ALWAYS paid them when I owed them. Sybil has been the one I deal with. She knows I’m not going to stick them with a bill. I told that girl, Seriously, your calling to dun me? Sybil was checking on something for me, but was going to get back with me. I told her I would pay this bill.  She has my word. I am a two insurance patient who has gone to them for about twenty-five years. With perpetually bad teeth. It is not a great business move for them to hardball me for 300. dollars. And I told her I am being generous to pay it as it is for an extraction for a crown and root canal that I had already paid for. And I spent a whole weekend in Excruciating PAIN when I believe he knew the tooth was going to have to come out when I was in the week before. The crack showed up on both x-rays. Then I told her I was going to send in the full amount owed. But I would not return as a patient.

That afternoon I received two voice mails on my cell from Sybil. Telling me to call. Saying that my bill she had adjusted my bill.  I was still a little unnerved, so I didn’t call right back. I decided to just go by the office.   I went by on Friday. Prepared to pay. I went in with bill, told Sybil I wanted to pay full amount no need to adjust bill. She said. Oh no, they looked at the case and felt the need to refund the money and I would be getting some of the money I had already paid back. She said to look for a check in the mail in a few days.  Wow, I went in to pay, and left with the knowledge that I would be receiving money!  That is Great News!  I guess sometimes ol Beatrice gets the job done:)

I do Love Dr. Swords, and his staff. He has done many things for me, gratis, in the past. Once he made a bite guard for me. He thought it would help with my headaches. I tried so hard to wear it at night, but it gagged me so. And I didn’t see a difference in the headaches. He is a very smart, professional dentist. I would hate to think of having to set up myself with another dentist at this point. I however, have a very challenging set of teeth.

A tooth became loose last month so I had to call for an appointment. The day before my appointment, I received a call that Dr. Swords had the flu. I would have to reschedule. The morning I was to go in for my appointment, my tooth came out. It was an old crown. So, I had to go in the next day. Swords was back in office. He sent me home with medication and set me up with an appointment for a root canal. Later I went in, he began root canal. Root had curved. He tried very hard to finish, but had to stop and refer me to Dr. Parrot, his associate at Ruth Drive. He completed the root canal. And I am now scheduled to have the crown replaced. However, in the meantime, Due to my bite being off, I managed to crack a tooth above the crown I lost. It was hurting last week. I called and got an appointment. Again, something came up, they cancelled. And I had to wait the weekend. But I went in Tuesday and he treated me for an abcessed tooth. I got some prescriptions and left with an appointment for the crown. I’m definitely a perpetual dentist patient. UGH!

3/11/13  A tooth had started hurting that had cracked a couple of years ago. It didn’t hurt then so I didn’t want to have it pulled. There was no saving it. But since it began to hurt, I knew it had to go. Sadly I went in for the extraction. I should have taken xanax as extractions are brutal. The pain afterwards is extreme.

I still need to go in for the work on the other tooth I managed to damage. It’s perpetual for sure.

I haven’t kept this dental journal of sorts up as I had planned. It is now 2017 and my last post was 3/11/13.


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