Percentages…part 2

Just another observation on percentages.  Apparently percentages are subjective.  Two people who know the same person may have two totally different opinions. Thinking about this can make you crazy.  Have you ever perceived an individual to have mostly negative percentages although other people brag on this person as though they are a gift from God?  You may know this person as a person with a bad reputation. Someone who has done some pretty rotten things. But the other people judging are not aware.   Sometimes, I swear, percentages for people are so negative, in general, it is pathetic! Working with the public is very hard on you in this regard. My goal is to try to look for the positive.
The percentages theory really works for me. It is a way to realize that, most of the time, the good outweighs the bad in a person. How’s your pie chart?

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