311 and Sublime with Rome July 30, 2011

Yay, and Happy Mother’s day to me!  This was a wonderful Mother’s day gift. It was something I had hoped to receive!  Now, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that  Nick, SA, P-nut, Chad and Tim of 311 will be nothing BUT Superb. They are on track to release a new cd in June or July, so I am looking forward to some new music as well as my old favorites.  

Sublime with Bradley Nowell back in the ninety’s was awesome. Bradley’s voice WAS Sublime. RIP Bradley Nowell.   Sooooo, what is Sublime with Rome?  What is it going to sound like?  Well, I’ve snooped around on the internet and listened to a few video’s of this new guy Rome Ramerez. I’ve heard him sing the new track from the new cd, Panic. And I’ve heard him cover the old favorites. He is pretty talented. So, as an opening act, I think they will be pretty good. Nick Hexum has nothing but praise for this band.

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