Sir Elton John…Yes, I’m a fan!

Elton John was a guest on one of my favorite talk shows, Jimmy Fallon, last week because he would be hosting SNL on NBC that Saturday. After the show, I got on twitter to see what everyone was saying about his visit. He said at least one controversial thing, I can’t quote exactly, but it was something like artists that do not allow Glee to use their music are a..holes. I thought this was a bold statement, but he went on to say that it was a compliment for them (Glee) to want to use our songs.   He said he gets joy even today when he hears his songs played on an elevator.  Ok, back to twitter….yeah comments were flying…most people were just repeating what he said. Some agreed. But one comment hit me and made me angry. It spurred me to write this blog. And again, I cannot quote…but it was about Elton naming his son after a Bible character.  The twitter poster said, doesn’t he also read that homosexuality is WRONG…that’s in the Bible.  I cannot pinpoint the reason that made me so angry.  But I guess I just thought people should focus on Elton as an entertainer. He has given us DECADES of GREAT MUSIC.  I LOVE to watch his performances! He is one of the best piano players ever!   (Not to mention he gives so much of his money AWAY to charity) People reading this will ask me. Don’t you believe it (homosexuality)  is WRONG?  To them I will say. What I believe is not important. I am not this persons judge! I have gay friends. I just LOVE them.  I don’t judge them.

What I do know is, I have been a fan of Elton since I was about ten.  I absolutely fell in love with “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”. I took the cassette to school with me and listened to it in the library on the cassette players in there. I also wore out “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy.”   I didn’t know he was gay and I was in love with him. lol.  What an amazing career this guy has had!  He foundation…. The Elton John Aids Foundation has raised over two hundred million dollars.

I would like to see a live performance before he stops touring altogether.  It could happenSmile



Feb 6, 13  My sweetie bought tix for March 20th concert in Macon! YAY! It is going to happen! Bucket List. CHECK!
I am so excited about this concert! I think I am going to go all out and dress up! It is a special occasion indeed!

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