My MawMaw Pitts

On a visit in 1991
(Left, Stephen from earlier visit.)On a visit in 1991 Erin and Mawmaw

When I was a little girl in Alabama,  I spent a lot of time with my maternal grandmother.  She had eleven living children at the time and had given birth to one stillborn.  She had spent most of her young adult life impregnated. MawMaw had a lot of grandchildren, but when I was with her, she had a way of making me feel as if I was the only one.   Yep….She made me feel soooo special.   One of the things I got from my grandma, my Mawmaw Pitts, was a love of animals. I cannot remember a time that she didn’t have a dog or a cat. (usually both)  And she always allowed them in the house.   She was so kind to them.  I loved spending time at her house, cuddling up with her and a cat or dog on the couch…..listening to her stories.  Something I wish I had paid more attention is  when she would call out the names of her plants and  flowers. She knew the names of the different plants and flowers in her yard and had such a love for them. They were all so beautiful and healthy! She had a green-thumb. But I wasn’t interested at the time and didn’t listen.  She had her own little words and phrases that I only heard her say. Like “your mama will be here direkly”.  I just loved hearing her get tickled and laugh. Her laugh was definitely unique!   I was so happy that she moved to Georgia shortly after we moved to Georgia. I can remember leaving the house early for Newnan High school so I could stop by her house. She lived near Newnan High. She would always say to me. “ are you hungry?”  That is what she always said, Or, “do you want some water”.  She would always want to make sure I had food in my belly….and of course make sure I was drinking enough water. If she had made biscuits, I never turned one down, because she made the best biscuits EVER! I’ve never been able to make them like her. She made a big pan and they were as good to us as cookies. We would eat them all day.

My sister, Brenda and I were talking about her recently. Brenda made a point that Our MawMaw Pitts was environmentally earth friendly, and health conscious  way back when we were kids. Yeah, long before it really became the PC thing to do. She was never wasteful. She would re-use. And she drank a lot of water and encouraged us to do so.

My grandma didn’t have it easy. She had a tough life. I don’t know a lot about my grandpa. He died when I was a baby. But I don’t think he treated her that well.

She had cancer of the uterus or cervix when I was in high school…..had to undergo Cobalt treatments. This was very painful. She survived this only to later get Alzheimer’s. To me, this was the saddest thing ever!  To have a loved one not recognize you is something you do not easily get over. My MawMaw Pitts lost her battle in the early 90’s.

Now, MawMaw Pitts is a big inspiration for my blog.  My blog is not for everybody….that is not its purpose. I do not even pretend I’m a good writer. I graduated High School with a whopping 2.0. In my heart I know I could have done better had I tried. At the time, I never thought an education was necessary for my life purpose. Hindsight is 20/20. My Blog is a tool for keeping my mind as sharp as possible.  It allows me to document things for my loved ones who will want to have these little bits of information or pieces of my thoughts….. IF I ever DO lose my mind.  It will be a great help  for me. Should I have any issues later in life I can refer to this as a manual of my life.  I hope to document things.  Some on the heavy side, some more trivial. But I am so glad I have started this blog….I’d recommend blogging to anyone.

Post Note: My Maw Maw Pitts Maiden name is Jackson. On June 6, 2013, Jackson Meadows Parker was born to Erin Kathryn Parker and Adam Parker. ♥


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  1. Thanks for taking time to read this blog:) If you have any insight of your own regarding this sweet woman. Please post here, or on the comment section where it is posted on Facebook. I am reminded of her so much in so many ways. I hope to hear some of your stories.


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