“Did your dog Fart?”

It was MEEEEE!

Excuse me?  “Did your dog Fart?”  asked the woman sitting next to me in the waiting room at Auburn Small Animal Clinic.  With her was a rather large brown retriever mix.  I told her it might have been my dog. She had been gassy lately.  Then the woman said. “ Well, I know it isn’t my dog….I know my dog’s smell. There is a certain odor about it.”  I just nodded and started playing word games on my phone. Thank goodness it wasn’t long before the staff came and called us both back!.

Now REALLY!  What did that woman want me to do?  Stand up in front of the people in the waiting room and announce:  “MY DOG JUST FARTED!”   I fantasized about hitting her in the nose and saying. “What do ya smell now?”  But I didn’t….  I could have thrown her for a loop and said “Oh no, that was not my dog… It was definitely meeeee.   Sorry, I’m having some intestinal issues.”

I’m sure she was a good-hearted woman, after all, her dog seemed to love her. But man, that was weird! And Awkward!

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