brit n meI have  several Old Best Buds.  But at my age I really didn’t think I would be meeting someone who would turn into a New Best Bud!  A little over three years ago I met a coworker named Brittany. She was one of my supervisors when I started at Kroger.   We didn’t instantly become close….it took time. We have packed a lot of living and bonding in those three years!  It is so nice to have a friend that is so in tune to my feelings. It is a mutual thing as I also feel that I am a good listener for her.  But my one wish is for her to see herself through my eyes. She would see herself as a beautiful person inside and out!

We have shared so much in the short time together….we have movie nights. She is introducing me to the Twilight series. That has been wonderful so far!  Last one was New Moon. (we had Blue Moon and Pizza haha)  We walked in the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Walk…, went to an O.A.R. concert, have been to a play, out to eat, etc…Yes!  What Fun!  Also,  comforting one another during difficult times.     Emotions have run the gamut in these three years.  It has been a wild ride and I want to stay on!  But what I love the most is we are in contact with one another daily. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t text her or call her, or she calls me.   It is very touching that she checks in on my blogSmile  So Hello Brittany. I love you!


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