Falling Down

arm scarI have played amateur soccer for years. I cannot count the times I have fallen on the field!  I was an aggressive player and went at it hard,  so I took many falls. I would like to say they were from beautiful slide tackles and other magnificent defensive plays  but mostly they were from tripping over a clump of dirt on the field  or bumping into another player.  The first fall I am writing about happened my first year at Kroger.  I was working customer service waiting on a Latino customer.  I started my walk from the lottery machine to the cash register with the hand-held scanner in hand, my shoe caught the mat and I tripped.  I seemed to fly for minutes through air while twisting and grabbing for the counter. I landed on the floor with the hand-held cord wrapped around me.  After hitting the mat, full force I yell out, “I”M OK!.” How that cord wrapped around me????…I don’t know. I have always wanted to look at the store’s security camera recording to see exactly how that happened! There was a courtesy clerk standing at the end of the counter…apparently in shock…. with his eyes bugged out…another coworker was laughing at me. I was bleeding.  My manager, who was on a register, was laughing. In their defense. I had said I was OK.  However, the Latino customer was furious! His concern for me was touching.  He was saying, in his broken English, “No you laugh…she bleed!”  It was embarrassing  to say the least. What could I do?  I wiped my blood…sanitized my hands, helped the customers and then off to pharmacy for Band-aids.  I have a two-inch scar on my arm from that day 😦

Another fall….Last night after getting home from work. (I get off on Saturday night at 2:00am …actually Sunday…)  I came in let dogs out and went toward bedroom. Closed gate at hall for dogs.  Forgot my meds!  Instead of undoing gate I stepped over. (I do it ALL the time)  OOPS  This time my foot caught the gate and I fell like a ROCK!  It sounded like THUNDER! I felt my teeth rattle.  Every bone in my body ached….but I’m ok…..The house is silent…..except I could hear Dennis snoring. Dang….It didn’t even wake him up!!!!!! Wow!!!! And Raygen is crated at night or otherwise she would have run over to check on me. But Miss Lexi, Naw, she is on the couch on her comfy blanky looking at me like I’m disturbing her! She didn’t even budge!  Oh well, she is getting old:)

It is Sunday and I’m not sore….I could be sore tomorrow….Hope not.

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