Watch out Nawlins

Packing Dennis up for his second trip to New Orléans. He is going to work with a security company as he did in the fall of last year. But this time he will be gone twice as long.   I tease him about it being his “Paul Blart” gig.  It is a nice job.  He likes the opportunity to travel out there to make a little money.  But I sure do miss him when he is goneSad smile

I’ve packed plenty of Advil. He will need that as he (with the BIG help of Brenda) put down hardwood in a rental house this week. He was busting tail trying to finish this house as a tenant wanted to move in the middle of March. But her daughter came by as they were working and didn’t like the neighborhood. UGH!  So now “back to square one”. Finding a reliable tenant.

Hopefully, his “Paul Blart” gig will offer a relief from our rental business.  And maybe I can find the perfect tenant while he is gone. Meanwhile….I’ll probably have all the dogs upstairs with me and the security alarm will surely be set.

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