Facebook is a great venue to keep up with people from all facets of your life.  It is an enhancement to life as long as it does not consume your life.   For me, I was able to make contact with old classmates, friends, and relatives that I do not normally see . It also allows me to keep up with my close relatives who are also on Facebook.  To be able to view pictures of nieces and nephews, as they grow and of all the other friends and relatives.  That is priceless!  It is also wonderful to have regular contact with people who I would only see at the family reunion once per year…or even those relatives I only see a few times a year. I have bonded with these, nephews, nieces, cousins, friends, classmates, and become closer to my family through regular contact. Oh….and it is GREAT for keeping up with Birthdays!

Facebook can be a very positive thing. It is fun to see what is going on with so many people I know. I just love it! The main reason is staying close to people. I feel more connected than ever to my family.

As far as the peeves of Facebook, I can look over those. Most of that is laughable. I have learned to lighten up and enjoy my Facebook hobby 🙂 I feel very sad when someone I love drops out of my Facebook Family. I wish everyone had the same joy I get from it.

Facebook (or some friends)  are annoying at times…..but that is quickly resolved. (there is a hide option)  Friends who post every thing they do in their lives….Or one of my pet peeves… Status Shuffle. I know a lot of people use this…and a lot of the status’ are good. But I would rather my friends post something original than a status shuffle. And most of the status shuffles are cheesy…..and I’ve seen other friends use the same ones. Then some people get carried away and post about five in a row.  Now this is my blog and my opinion…..Apparently, status shuffle is very popular, so I could be wrong.

Some people are paranoid on Facebook….There is a way to check to see if someone is snooping around on your profile or something like that.  But as for me….I’m cool with my friends checking that out.  I have applied my settings so that only my friends can view my profile.

Also, I really don’t want to search to see who unfriended me.  What good would come from that.  But I have to admit when I notice a friend has unfriended me, I wonder what happened?????  Why?????   I don’t really post any “F” bombs, or dirty jokes. Why would someone unfriend me??   I’ve decided to just let it go. No worries……

Post Update:   August 4, 2013,

Actually, this is a vent. I just saw an unflattering photo of a friend posted on f/b. This friend has lost weight recently and is looking fabulous! However, in this photo, it shows her in a very bad position makes her appear to have fat rolls. It is SO obvious. My question is. Why in the name of GOD would a FRIEND post a picture that is unflattering of a FRIEND????   If this picture was mine, I would delete it and send a message to the person who posted it. I would have them delete it as well.  But that is just me. Had to get this off my chest:)

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