Beginning to sort things out about people and life. I think I have figured out something about people. Imagine seeing  people as a pie chart.  Some of the categories would be intrinsic value (ethics), honesty, kindness, love, patience, generosity, forgiveness, selfishness, rudeness, meanness, anger, arrogance, conniving, lying, Cheating and Stealing.  You would see that it is all about percentages. Yes, everyone would be a brightly colored pie chart with different colors for the character traits.   I’m sure we would see a rainbow in there.

I do not try  to judge. People mold their reputations by their actions.  The person who may have mostly good qualities in his/her pie chart, but is an Atheist or agnostic,   would by Christian dogma, go to hell. A person who has mostly bad qualities in his/her pie chart, but says they confess their sins and believe in Jesus will be saved.   Some reading at this point have Gasped and hit the red x at the top right hand corner of the page.   But honestly. I am just being honest. Saying what I’m thinking. And I know I have a lot to learn. I have tried to rebuild my belief system, and it is a work in progress.

I guess I will try to gravitate to the people with the positive pie charts. It is always good to stay positive.


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