RIP Kimberly 1994 through 2011

Erin kimbokimberly

Erin loved the Pink Power Ranger, Kimberly when she was four. She also wanted a kitten. She wanted a calico to look like  a toy kitten she had.  So I looked around and made some calls. I found a family who had a mama cat with a litter of kittens in Heard county. She said she had a calico in the mix.  So I went down to take a look.  When I saw the little calico,  she was the tiniest thing!  I know she was the runt of the litter.  Although small, she was so playful and feisty I had to take her.  When Erin saw her, she named her Kimberly after the power ranger.  We also had Lacey, our boxer pup then. They were a pair.  Kimberly was a sweetheart of a cat. She was so fond of people and cuddling up next to someone to purr and sleep.

She was a delight to have as a pet. Such a sweet spirit. So full of life. Giving us many, many years of enjoyment.  Then diagnosed with cancer about a year ago, she had to have her ear removed.  She battled her cancer.  Always perky and enjoying her attention from us. Then on Saturday, January 15th, she lost this battle. We will miss her. Such a sweet, sweet spirit. Kimberly, RIP

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